La Sierra Del Torcal

La Sierra del Torcal 

La Sierra del Torcal has many and varied property on offer, it is only a short drive from Antequera and the Sierra Pelada, giving a terrific view of massive mountain ranges. Estate Agents here refer to these monuments regularly. Looked at from any direction, the heavy, solid form of the Sierras belies the morphological world which lies all but hidden between the mountain peaks. To really see the in depth part of these features, it is necessary to climb the steep inclines and delve far and beyond. The properties of these rocks defy belief. Since time immemorial, water has penetrated the rocks and chiseled out strange figures and formations like some crazy sculptor at work. This has been caused by that era, long gone, when the mountain ranged emerged from the depths of the sea. Remember this too, millions of years ago, this area was engulfed by the sea of Tetis which meant that it was subject to constant erosion, the water played a leading role creating the rock which remains today, in the most unusual shapes and forms.

Written by : Barbara Brough