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  • Types of Houses in Spain, a Guide on Property, and Examples: Spain Guides | Types of Houses in Spain, a Guide on Property, and Examples

Wed 27 January 2021

Spain Guides | Types of Houses in Spain, a Guide on Property, and Examples

Types of Houses in Spain, a Guide on Property, and Examples

The real estate market in Spain has something to offer everyone and prospective buyers can easily choose from the diverse options ranging from compact apartments to large mansions.


The different types of properties in Spain are varied, but can be loosely categorized as follows:


Types of property in Spain include Apartments or Flats, Fincas (smallholdings or farms), Land & individual Plots, Mobile or Wooden Homes, Terrace houses or Townhouses, Semi-detached houses & Quads, Detached properties, Villas, Country Mansions, and a variety of Commercial Properties.


Each type has its own distinct features and variety of prices as well. So, depending on your budget and requirements, you can easily find your dream house in Spain.


However, in order to make a fully informed decision, it’s a good idea to understand what each type of property is like ...and what it can offer to you as the owner.


So let’s take a look at some of the most popular types of properties in Spain...

Apartments in Spain

The most popular type of property, among both investors and residents by around two thirds, is apartments, or flats.


Especially in large, urban, busy cities like Madrid, people prefer to live in apartments as most of them are built close to the center, for a number of reasons.


More commonly, Spanish apartments generally have 2 to 3 bedrooms, an adequate sized kitchen, and a small sitting or hallway and hence, they’re considered perfect for small families or young couples. 


However, that is not always the case, there is a vast variety that is now available, and you can always find other alternative options from the norm in Spain.

65.9% of Spanish residents live in Apartments

Because of the rising trend of living in flats, the Spanish property supply has a lot to offer in terms of style of flats - so that maximum people can benefit from location and amenities.


The property builders capitalized on this trend and have developed a variety of vertical buildings ranging from tiny studio apartments for students or an elderly couple, right through to large, very spacious, and luxurious apartments like this one.


Similarly, on one hand, there are apartments that provide the perfect beach view ...but by contrast, you can readily find a flat in a very small and traditional Spanish street as well.


The prices of these apartments obviously vary depending on the location, size, facilities provided, etc. We can help you understand what to expect from your budget in your chosen area in this regard.


Living in apartments can be easy in the sense that they’re pretty low maintenance - which is why they make perfect holiday homes.


Most of the apartments also offer shared facilities such as a pool, lawn, common sitting areas, etc. that makes living convenient. Moreover, living closely within a community setting also provides a great sense of security and support.


Flats might not always be the ideal living situation for people with numerous pets or larger families. So this is something to be aware of. Again, we can assist with the best property selection to suit your needs.


Similarly, if someone is very particular about absolute privacy and peace, flats might not be the right choice as clearly there is more neighborly activity than with rural property.


Also, we can help you to avoid noisy neighborhoods or crowded surroundings - particularly during the holiday period, that can ruin the otherwise pleasant living experience.


By way of examples, if you're looking to find your perfect apartment? Then I’d suggest you start with this list.

apartments in spain


On the more luxurious side, Villas are very popular for people looking to buy property in Spain.


A Villa, or what the Spanish often call a chalet, is a larger detached type of property ...often with a pool and garden area.


They’re mostly single-story and spread out enough to provide a good number of bedrooms and bathrooms.


Most villas are found away from the center of the town, in suburbs or coastal areas. So you might say that villas provide both comfort and privacy.


This is why Villas are considered a perfect fit for large families or anyone with children who want some separation between them and vibrant city life.


Even though a villa can be a dream house for vacation, they are also very well suited as a permanent residence.

Villa maintenance

As with any property, due to their larger size, maintenance is something to consider, and arrangements can and should be made for off season care if the property is used as a holiday home.


Although the concept of villas is not a new one, many property developers have added modern touches as to the new constructions as well as bringing older properties more up to date.


Having a villa means that one must understand they need to include a number of additional costs as well. Any pool and garden will require occasional cleaning and the overall maintenance of a larger property may add to the running expenses.


As with any property, there are costs, overheads, and taxes to take into account. Similarly, consideration should be given to transportation when living in a villa as they are farther out of city centers.


Villas are becoming more sought after by foreign investors. So they can offer a great investment in a perfect Spanish dream property or holiday home.


Looking for some ideal examples for your perfect Villa? Start the search for your dream Villa or holiday retreat here!

villa in spain


Townhouses, often in the form of side by side terraced housing, can be quaint, cute, and very traditional. They often reside in villages or townhouse centered suburbs of their own and can be considered a midway point between an apartment and a villa.


Costs tend to be average for most properties, both in terms of maintenance and taxes. They are often close to towns or cities, and of all the different types, they probably suit the widest variety of residents. From single people to couples, through to families.


Townhouses are often compact and cover one to three floors offering a variety of bedrooms, bathrooms, and overall room plans. Often there are small garden areas and some have parking available too.


Contact with neighbors is often close and with the same sense of community that you might get with apartment life, but with the added feature of greater privacy and usually more space.


If this is the property for you, then start your Townhouse search here.

Semi-detached houses

Semi-detached houses have gained more popularity in Spain in recent decades.


The best thing about semi-detached properties ...similarly to townhouses, is that they’re able to enjoy some of the best features of both villas and flats in a single property.


Semi-detached houses commonly cover two stories, with a shared or in some cases private garden and pool area.


They’re not as large as a villa - but are usually much more spacious than an apartment which makes them perfect for someone looking for larger living space at a reasonable price.


Also, a semi-detached house is largely multipurpose, it can be used as a permanent residence or as a

holiday home. The maintenance cost is also relatively lower and almost on par with a townhouse, so it makes for a cheaper and easier property to manage within the budget


1casa is proud to offer some of the best Semi-detached houses and townhouses, ready to move in or ready for renovation. Start by perusing our offering here, then contact us with your shortlist or if you have any questions.

Country houses in Spain

The countryside in Spain is as scenic as its coastal region ...which is why many people dream of living there.


Because they often offer a more rural aspect, and because of the potential with the land that they bring, we’re going to include “Fincas” ...or farms, and smallholdings in this section too.


Country houses are very much in demand by both foreigners as well as those returning from ever busy cities to peace of the rural region.


There are different types of country houses such as Finca, Masia, Cortijo, etc. but all of them are generally built on a large piece of land, sometimes a lot of lands is included in the sale, particularly for farming and growing purposes.


They’re also, more often than not, surrounded by beautifully landscaped grounds, trees, meadows and breathtaking views.


Along with the increasing demand, the prices of country properties have started rising ...but there are still relatively cheaper than houses in the cities or coastal properties.


Country homes provide a very different but peaceful experience.


On one hand, the taxes are lower on such properties but, for larger properties, the maintenance can cost more - especially if the property is very old or very large. Needless to say, those that are in the market for a country home are usually more than able to bear the costs for these.


Also, it’s worth keeping in mind, you might not have as good access to some facilities that are otherwise very accessible in city-dwelling, so you may need to make some dec visions about securing Wi-Fi for example, or other amenities will need to be located such as using a well for water. 


Before getting a country house, you need to understand what type of life you’re looking for; a simple and quiet one or one with an abundance of facilities.


Take a look at some of these examples.



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