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Thorough Research Is the Key to Finding a Home in Spain

When you consider emigrating it is probably the biggest decision you will ever make. It is one thing to enjoy a two week holiday somewhere, but you need to be sure that you want to live there for the majority of the year. For this reason it is essential that you carry out sufficient research to ensure that moving to Spain is the right decision for you and that on making this choice, you select an appropriate property. Here are some suggestions to help guide you through your property research.

After the holiday

Many of us have thought after an enjoyable holiday how nice it would be to live in that part of the world, with Spain featuring at the top of many of our lists. While for many people emigrating is not practical, if it is for you and you wish to pursue this idea, it is essential that you look at an area from beyond the eyes of a tourist. During a short stay, it may be very convenient to be amongst the hustle and bustle of a large resort, but you would probably feel differently if you lived amongst that year round. On the other hand a pretty villa in a secluded location is perfect for a week’s stay, but it would no doubt be a different story if you had to drive for over an hour to reach the nearest town each time you needed to buy something. This is where you really need to consider the practicalities of living somewhere.

Make a list of all the essentials for a location that make it a suitable home, for instance close to transport links, practical shopping centres – rather than those aimed at tourists -schools and work opportunities – if these are applicable – and a sense of community. With these at the front of your mind you can narrow down which areas are most suitable for your new home in Spain. At this stage a visit to each area would be advisable and if possible, stay there too; this will provide you with a better idea of whether these locations would suit you and may help you to focus in on finding the preferred area – while you can read and find out all you want about an area from online resources, speaking to people and attending exhibitions, it is no substitute to experiencing it for yourself. Having selected an area, some people go as far as to take an extended stay so that they can be certain in their mind that moving there is the right decision for them.

Always view a property

It might sound like common sense, but you would be surprised about the number of people who decide to buy a property abroad without setting foot in it themselves. If you don’t see your prospective new home for yourself, you can’t be sure that it fits the bill for exactly for what you are after and you can’t spot any potential pitfalls either. Never take anyone else’s word that a property is right for you; book your own viewing and assess it yourself.

Investigate their value

The British like a bargain – whether it’s a last minute get away or taking advantage of great value Mediterranean cruise deals – and that extends to buying a home. While you sometimes hear stories of people snapping up really good buys on properties abroad paying only a fraction of its true value, usually if a property is cheap there is a good reason. During the building boom in Spain, in some instances poor quality properties were built in bulk, which is likely to be reflected in their sale value now; don’t be surprised if there are problems with the water supply and sewage disposal, as the systems available are not sufficient to support the volume of properties in some areas. Additionally in developments that were not finished due to the change in the Spanish economy, issues such as poor infrastructure and empty properties can detract from their value. It always pays to have a valuation and survey completed on a property you are planning to buy to check that it is being sold for a fair price and to identify any existing or potential problems, as it will save you from buying a property that later requires significant repairs; while some people like to buy such distressed properties to renovate, it should not be underestimated the time and cost that this can take up. A sound house in a good location will hold its value, which is favourable, as at some point you may need to sell the property.

Research the extra costs

Before you purchase a property it is vital that you realise that any existing debts relating to the property will become your responsibility when you purchase it, so check there are no remaining debts for any property you are considering. As with moving anywhere, there will be additional costs to that of the actual property when you buy in Spain, so it is essential that you familiarise yourself with what these are. After paying the legal fees and that to the estate agent and surveyor, there are taxes payable on buying a property – in addition to an annual tax. Additionally don’t forget to factor in the cost of paying to transport all your belongings to Spain or for the cost of purchasing new furniture. Being aware of these extra costs ensures that you have sufficient funds to ensure you can comfortably move to Spain; remember that the deposit of around 10% of a property’s value is non-refundable, so you need to be confident you can pay for the balance – another reason why you should never buy on impulse.

The above isn’t designed to discourage you from buying a property in Spain, merely to ensure you are fully aware of everything you need to consider when looking for your perfect home in the sun.Call or write anytime for the personal service you have enjoyed for 14 years ... Saludos!  Cristina Sanchez.


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