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Rural Spanish Properties For Sale - How To Buy A Rural Spanish Property And Avoid The Pitfalls

Rural Spanish properties for sale are commonplace particularly in the stunning area of Andalusia and it is a relatively simple process to purchase one. However there are some traps that a potential buyer can easily fall into if not given the right information, so with this in mind, here are some pointers to avoid the pitfalls of buying a rural property.

Land registry

It is true to say, that a lot of the rural Spanish properties for sale in the Andalusia area do not have correct 'escrituras'. These are equivalent to title deeds on a property. The reasons for this could be that land may have been sold off and not re registered, the title deeds are in the name of the previous owner and have not been changed, or that in some cases land has been added to and the escritura has not been changed. This isn't necessarily a big deal and can easily be sorted out by a solicitor who is well versed in such things. However, it needs to be correct before you decide to purchase as it could prove very costly.

Property disputes

It is quite common for older properties to be handed down from generation to generation and split between family members. In some cases the property may be illegally sold without the say so of one of the party owners. It is definitely worth employing the services of a good solicitor, who can look into this possibility. 

Utility services

When it comes to rural Spanish properties for sale it is very important to make sure that if there are utilities such as electricity and water, then all bills are up to date before you take ownership. Although unpaid bills cannot directly be charged to your property, the electricity and water companies will cut you off if the bills remain unpaid, whether the previous owner ran them up or not. It will then take a huge battle with the authorities to get your utilities back without first settling the questionable bill.

If you can avoid these pitfalls, then the transition to purchase your rural Spanish property for sale, should be a smooth one.

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Written by : Barbara Brough


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