Volume 02

1Casa News from Spain - No. 2
More general and local news from Spain!
October 23 is a Really Special Day - some interesting facts from today going back in time.
4004 BC - God created the world at 9 a.m. on a Sunday according to Irish Archbishop James Ussher.
42 BC - Victory of Mark Antony and Octavian over Brutus and Cassius in Battle of Philippi.
1642 - King Charles battles parliamentary forces at Battle of Edgehill.
1707 - First Parliament of Great Britain meets.
1850 - Women demand right to vote, own property, etc. at Women's Rights convention in Worcester, MA.
1910 - Blanche Scott is America's first female pilot; she flies over Fort Wayne, IN at altitude of 12 feet.
1915 - 25,000 women march for suffrage in New York City.
1917 - Battle of Caporetto begins, victory of Austro-Germans over Italians, WWI.
1942 - Battle of El Alamein in Egypt; British forces under Montgomery stop Nazis and Fascists. WWII.
1944 - Battle of Leyte Gulf begins; U.S. cripples Japanese fleet allowing Philippines invasion. WWII
1956 - Hungarian uprising begins as rag-tag rebels attempt to disable Soviet tanks.
1963 - 'Barefoot in the Park' starts 668 performance run on Broadway.
1972 - 'Pippin' opens at Imperial Theatre, N.Y.
1983 - Terrorist drives dynamite truck into U.S. Marine headquarters in Beirut. 241 Marines die.
1989 - Chemical plant in Pasadena, Texas explodes in fire causing $849 million in loses.
1997 - Hong Kong's Hang Seng index in largest slide in history losing 10% of value; FTSE & Dow follow.
2001 - IRA finally decide to decommission its weapons.
2002 - Chechen rebels hold 800 hostage in Moscow theatre for 3 days; 171 die, mostly by poison gas.
CAMPILLOS - 22nd October - "NO CAR DAY" - the Town Hall is asking everyone on this day not to use their cars for going into Campillos, but to either walk or use a bike.  The Town Hall is trying to cut down the unnecessary use of cars in Campillos.  Parents who live close to the schools, still get in their cars to pick up their children and also to go to the local shops.  The Town Hall believes that the people in Campillos have become very lazy and should consider and think more about the environment "Earth has had enough, and so have we"
22nd October - "Poetic Lecture at the Town Hall" at the Casa de Cultura, Author: Filomena Romeros at 18.30pm
24th October - "Nature - Life in Andalucia" - Photographic exhibition in the Exhibition Hall in Campillos at 19.00pm until 21.00pm.  Photographers: Roberto Travesi and Antonio Manzanares.
ÁLORA - The Casa de Cultura of Alora is holding an exposition and seminars on the history and culture of the Valley of Guadalhorce from medieval to modern times.  This event will be held from 26 October to 6 November 2004.
MALAGA - Malaga C.F. football team lost 1 – 0 to Athletic de Bilbao on 17 October 2004. For the second season running Ismael Urzaiz scored the winning goal to deny Malaga a deserved draw.  Malaga C.F. is in eleventh place in Spanish Liga 2004/05
El Greco discovered in envelope – a tiny, previously unknown picture of Christ's baptism painted by El Greco almost 450 years ago has been discovered stored in an envelope and is expected to fetch up to £600,000 at Christie's in London.
The rare painting, which measures 9in by 7in, was found by two experts from the auction house when they visited an elderly man in his flat in western Spain recently.
The painting will be auctioned on Dec 8. The sale will include one of only six known works by the Spanish artist Juan Sanchez Cotan, thought likely to fetch about £2 million.
Banco Halifax Hispania (BHH), the Spanish arm of the UK’s largest lender, Halifax, will be opening an additional seven branches in Spain throughout 2005. Ian Smith, head of European operations, told the press that the news clearly demonstrates our intention to provide a full customer service to the many thousands of British non-residents in Spain…. Work has already started to acquire suitable premises and the first additional branches are scheduled to open in early 2005."
Wine Quality is rising at remarkable rates across Spain – throughout the past century, if you asked a wine lover to associate a word with "Spanish red wine," the likely response was "Rioja." But those days are over, and today the same question might well draw a response of Priorat or Toro or Ribera del Duero. Rioja's once-incontestable primacy is now being challenged by each of these three regions, and other regions are looking to get into the race as well. 
Spanish Firm Unveils UK Wind Farm Plans - A Spanish company is to provide a major boost to renewable energy production in the UK by building wind farms across the country, it emerged today.
Gamesa Energy UK – a division of one of the world’s biggest renewable energy developers – already has a portfolio for 400 megawatts in Wales and wants to add another 1,600 total megawatt capacity elsewhere in Britain.
The firm hopes to have up to five wind farms running in Wales in as little as two years.
Repsol back Mitsubishi in New Paris/Dakar Rally - Mitsubishi Motors Corporation and Mitsubishi Motorsports has announced it will be entering a total of five factory-built cars in the 2005 Telefónica-Dakar Rally.
The team is bidding for a fifth consecutive, and tenth overall, victory in the gruelling African event, which starts in Barcelona, on 1 January 2005. With the backing of Spain's largest oil company, Repsol YPF SA as its main sponsor, the MMSP team will comprise four Mitsubishi Pajero/Montero Evolutions and one Mitsubishi L200 Pick-Up.
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