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Álora Half Marathon - 6 March 2005
The seventh Half Marathon took place in Álora last Sunday with more than 300 participants and almost 2000 spectators.  
The organization is improving every year and there were many companies and institutions supporting the activities.
Museum for Álora
The Town Hall in Álora has announced that it will be converting the former home of Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra into a museum. The author of ‘Don Quijote de La Mancha’, arguably Spain’s most celebrated writer, lived in the town for six years, from 1587 to 1593.
Cervantes’ own life story however, is perhaps as interesting as any work of fiction. Born in Alcala de Henares, a town twenty miles from Madrid, on September 29, 1547, Cervantes was the fourth of seven children and travelled extensively throughout Spain as his father looked for work as an itinerant surgeon. Little is known of his early life, but in his late teens and early twenties he studied under the tutelage of the principal of a municipal school in Madrid named Juan Lopez de Hoyos.
In 1569 Cervantes travelled to Italy to serve in the household of an Italian nobleman, and joined the Spanish Infantry in Naples a year later, at a time when the Ottoman Empire was trying to conquer various Mediterranean countries. He fought bravely against the Turks at the Battle of Lepanto in 1571, where he received serious wounds and lost the use of his left hand.
After a lengthy period of recovery and further military duty, he departed Italy for Spain in 1575, only to be captured during the return journey by Barbary pirates. He was taken to Algiers and imprisoned as a slave for five years, until Trinitarian friars and his family paid a considerable ransom for his release.
When he was finally repatriated, Cervantes found employment as a government official in the south of Spain, and it is this period that he resided in Álora. He was starting to gain notoriety as a writer as well. His first work, ‘La Galatea’ had been published in 1585 and received much praise. He was also writing for the theatre.
His most famous work, ‘Don Quijote’, was published in two parts; the first was released in 1605 and within a short period had been translated into English, French and Italian, such was its impact. The second part was released a full ten years later in 1615.
Cervantes died a year later, having finished his final book ‘The Travails of Persiles and Sigismunda’ four days before he died on April 23rd, 1616.
Leon Kaye-González
Álora: Concerts for Young Flamenco Promises
The Álora flamenco association has started his new program dedicated to the Cante Grande or Flamenco. The Álora flamenco association spokesman, Andrés Borrego remarked that the Saturday night flamenco shows will be starred by the young flamenco promises. Miguel Angel Molero, Isabel de la Maria, Tablete de Ardales, Trastea de Ardales, Pedro Iañez, Niño de Aljaima and AlbertoTorrez will be some of the young flamenco singers. All Saturday shows will start at 22.00, at Pasaje de Martos. 
Holy Week - Semana Santa
Easter in Andalucia is a major event with street parades being the main attraction. Churches take great pride in putting on processions with religious floats.
The floats make their way through the town carrying statues of the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ.  The participants take pride in dressing up in traditional costumes, hoods and tunics.  The floats are also decorated with candles and flowers.
The mixture of  mourning and celebration is unique and the Holy Week in Spain a spectacular and powerful experience.  
The Delegation of Tourism attends the ITB of Berlin
The 11th March sees the beginning of The Fair ITB, the International Tourismus Börse in Berlin until 15th March 2005.
The ITB is the Fair leader of the industry of the international tourism and 30% of the professional visitors come from foreigners.
Apple Adopts Blu-Ray DVD Format
Sony's high definition DVD format Blu-ray has just received a competitive edge against rival DVD format HD DVD made by Toshiba.
These high definition DVDs hold five times more data than current DVDs on the market and represent the next generation of data storage and entertainment media.
Apple Computers announced yesterday that it would adopt the Blu-ray technology and would also give an added boost to the emerging brand by offering research and development for the product.
With its announcement supporting Blu-ray DVDs, Apple joins the Walt Disney Company, which had previously announced its support for the Sony discs.
George Lucas talks about final 'Star Wars'
"Star Wars" is going to Hell, and may not be suitable for young viewers, says creator George Lucas.
In an interview yet to air Lucas says the final "Star Wars" episode to be released May 19 likely will earn an unprecedented PG-13 rating. The previous five films have been rated PG.
"I don't think I would take a 5 or a 6 year-old to this. It's way too strong," says Lucas of "Star Wars Episode Three: The Revenge of the Sith."
The film portrays Anakin Skywalker's journey to the dark side in the climax of the 30-year-old series. "We're going to watch him make a pact with the devil," Lucas says.
The former squeaky-clean Skywalker descends into Lucas' frightening vision of Hell, a mythical planet composed entirely of erupting volcanoes."
"Yes ... it ends in hell," Lucas reveals. the film is much more dark ... more emotional."
David Crosby and Graham Nash
On 15 March 2005 for one night only.
Premises : Teatro Cervantes de Málaga
Showings:  20:30h Price:  18 - 48 euro
British Goodies
If you are missing your favourite British nibbles, a new British shop has opened in Sierra de Yeguas near Campillos.  Now you can buy your Branston pickle and Oxo cubes etc inland.
Deportivo La Coruña 1 - Málaga 0
Málaga lose 1 – 0 through a Diego Tristán penalty after Scaloni was tripped by Duda on the right of area.
Builders have now started on the final stage of the reconstruction of La Rosaleda stadium, the home of Malaga’s football club. The last remaining old stand “La Tribuna” has now been demolished, leaving only the new construction.
Chelsea 4 - Barcelona 2
Chelsea beat Barcelona to knock the Spanish team out of the Champions League and go through to the last 8. 
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