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Inauguration of Wind Turbines in Sierra de Aguas
This week, in the presence of the mayors of Álora and Casarabonela, the manager of the manufacturing company and the delegates of the Council of Environment and Innovation and New Technologies, the ecological park of Sierra de Aguas was inaugurated.
The windmills with their rotors have a diameter of 53 meters and the height of each tower is 45 meters.
They have erected 16 windmills (12 in municipality of Álora and 4 in Casarabonela) with 850 kilowatts of nominal power. They will provide energy generating a total power of 13.6 megawatts.
There was a general positive comment among the authorities who were unanimously pleased about the installation.
Internet Café and International Telephone Centre
A new Internet Café and International telephone centre called Call Box Internet UKA is being prepared for opening in Álora.
The café is located in Plaza Santa Ana on the corner of Calle Peligros. 
Watch this space for the opening date!
Andalucía Enacts Christ’s Passion and Resurrection
This Sunday, Palm Sunday sees the start of the greatest festival on the Christian calendar: the commemoration of Christ’s Passion and Resurrection. Celebrated throughout the Christian world, the festival is especially prominent in Spain.  In Andalucía it is marked with processions of holy images and passion plays. Indeed for many people, it is geared to the moment in Semana Santa when their favourite image is brought out of the church where it stands for the rest of the year, to be carried through the streets for all to see.
In the big cities in Andalucía - especially Seville and Malaga - these processions last all week, from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday (with the exception of Easter Saturday), all night long, they are truly magnificent affairs, with a wealth of gold, silver, flowers and candles, accompanied by bands, armed forces and mantilla-adorned señoritas in black.
But on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday every town and village brings out its religious effigies (mostly an image of Christ at one point in the Easter story followed by one of the Virgin Mary), no matter how small the scale. And small is not only beautiful it is solemn too.
If it is awe-inspiring display and religion-inspired passion that you are after, then make for one of the big cities in the region any night next week, but if you prefer a quieter, lower key form of spirituality then head for the hills; inland Andalucía is where you need to be. Between the two extremes are the towns, among them San Roque, Arcos de la Frontera, Archidona and Antequera. The last of these, crammed as it is with churches and convents, possesses one of the largest collections of religious images outside the big provincial capitals.
Passion plays
Easter, as well as being a religious festival, is a fascinating tale in its own right and this aspect is emphasised at two places in the province of Malaga. The tiny village of Carratraca performs the story in its bullring on Good Friday and Easter Saturday every year, while on the same days, starting about 4 p.m., over 500 men and women enact Christ’s Passion in a natural setting covering more than 10,000 square metres at Riogordo. Sur in English 18 – 24 March 2005
Easter Processions in Álora
Álora celebrates holy week with almost daily processions through the town. 
We indicate below the schedule and starting places of all the processions.
Pollinica - Sunday 20 March. Parroquia (11.45)
Huerto - Sunday 20 March. Calvario (20.30)
Traslado Estudiantes - Tuesday 22 March. Parroquia (20.30)
Viacrucis - Wednesday 23 March. Veracruz (23.00)
Nazareno - Thursday 24 March. Cementerio (20.00)
San Juan - Thursday 24 March. Parroquia (21.30)
Dolores - Thursday 24 March. Parroquia (21.45)
Despedía - Friday 25 March. Parroquia (10.00)
Piedad - Friday 25 March. Veracruz (20.30)
Ánimas - Friday 25 March. Cementerio (21.00)
Entierro - Friday 25 March. Parroquia (21.00)
Soledad - Friday 25 March. Parroquia (24.00)
Resucitado - Sunday 27 March. Parroquia (11.45)
Alhaurín de la Torre
The Municipal theatre creates scenes of Christ’s Passion.
The activities planned by the Town Hall Culture Department will be the live performance of Christ’s Passion next Sunday.  Thirteen scenes of The Passion will be presented by the Municipal Workshop of Theatre directed by Paco Martin.
They will be two performances, one beginning at 19.00 and again at 21.00.  The chosen venue is the Theatre of The Arts Center "Vicente Aleixandre" of Alhaurín de la Torre.  This old tradition, recovered two years ago by the Real Hdad de Nuestro Padre Jesus de Nazarareth del Paso and Maria Stma de los Dolores, with the contribution of the town council. This act has been very well received by the population of Alhaurin de la Torre.
This production is a novel adaptation of the classical texts of the old "Jesus live Steps” that existed in many towns of the province in the 19th century and first half of the 20th century, carried out by the writer and poet of Málaga, Flashy Fortuny.
An entrance fee of approximately €3 will be charged with the proceeds to be presented to  Cáritas Parochial for the victims of the Asian Tsunami.
The Passion’s live performance was established in the last century in which a procession would pass through the streets of the town.
According to official statistics released on Monday by regional councillor Evangelina Naranjo, there are 208,523 foreigners living in Andalucía. This places the region fourth in Spain for immigration, after Madrid Cataluña and Valencia. Within this region, Malaga is the province with the most foreign residents. Sur in English 18 – 24 March 2005
Channel 4 Are Looking for a Presenter for a Major New Series about Making Money out of Properties Overseas
Each programme will follow British people who are venturing into the European property markets and follow their progress as they restore properties to make substantial profits by selling on or renting.
Guiding viewers through the series will be a British property expert presenter with international experience (preferably European). As well as making regular visits to the development to track progress of the projects, the presenter will also offer useful information for viewers inspired to try investing in property abroad themselves.
To present the series, you will need to have first hand professional experience of developing residential property for profit in overseas destinations. You will have a real passion for property and are up to speed with the latest hotspots in which to invest. You will be aware of the issues and logistics involved in developing property in different countries (mostly European). You will be able to draw upon your experience in all of these areas to guide others. No previous experience of presenting is necessary - though charisma and passion certainly are!
If you would like to speak to someone in more detail about these opportunities, email your CV and photograph to Anne-Claire at propertydevelop@yahoo.com.
Major tourist development planned for Gibraltar
According to the leading article published in Friday’s edition of the Spanish newspaper La Razon under the headline "Gibraltar, from tax haven to real estate business", the governing authorities in Gibraltar aim to convert the rock into a major tourist destination.
The paper claims that British architect Norman Foster has designed a macro marina project with 500 berths for yachts and cruisers of all sizes, hotels, leisure complexes with cinemas, a museum and a shopping centre, and 15 buildings including 4 high-rise apartment blocks the largest of which has 26 floors.
According to the paper which claims to have seen the plans of the project, the size of the complex is 308,000 sq. metres and its cost is 2,500 million euros.
If the story is true, there will be lots of protests in Spain where political and business leaders are fiercely critical of the fiscal status of Gibraltar where the VAT tax is still not applied. Such are the tax advantages of having a business in Gibraltar that there are more offshore companies registered on the rock than inhabitants.
Spanish Government Orders Removal of General Franco Statue
The last statue of Franco which had stood in the Plaza San Juan in the administrative centre of Madrid was quietly removed and transported to an unknown location for storage this week.
Spain's Employment Minister confirmed that his Ministry had given the order for the statue to be removed, reflecting what he called "a reasonable decision in a democratic state"
The statue was of Franco sitting on a horse had stood outside the incredibly ugly new ministries buildings since 1959. It was seven and a half metres high and workmen took two hours to dislodge it during the night.
Spanish national police were on hand to avoid any violent incidents, but in the end very few people turned up to witness the last statue of the Spanish dictator disappear into a lorry and be driven away.
New York
Martha Stewart, who has been confined to her home since she served a prison term for obstructing justice, must be re sentenced, a federal appeals court ruled.
U.S. District Judge Miriam Cedarbaum ordered Stewart last year to serve five months in jail and five months of home detention.
Stewart, who was released from a West Virginia prison March 4, told the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New York that the sentencing guidelines under which she was punished are no longer binding on judges.
A three-judge panel agreed and, in a ruling late Thursday, ordered Cedarbaum to re sentence her.
Investing for a Profit and a Daughter's Health
When Amylin Pharmaceuticals won federal approval on Wednesday for its first drug, executives celebrated by jumping into the pond at the companies office complex in San Diego. Some also called to thank a little known software entrepreneur in Washington who had helped make it all possible.
The entrepreneur, Allen Andersson, invested in Amylin in early 1999, when the company was facing collapse because the drug, a diabetes treatment called Symlin, failed to demonstrate statistically meaningful effects in two clinical trials.
"We had an actual shutdown plan already mapped out," Joseph C. Cook Jr., the chairman of Amylin, recalled in an interview. "If Allen hadn't brought the money forward, there would have been no other choice."
While Wall Street had written off Symlin, Mr. Andersson thought the drug would help his daughter Rachel, who has diabetes.
"I loved the medicine and the market hated it," he said.
Chewing Gum to Boost Your Bust?
A chewing gum, which its makers claim, can help enhance breasts is proving to be a big hit in Japan.
The makers claim Bust-Up gum when chewed three or four times a day, can also help improve circulation, reduce stress and fight ageing.
According to the makers, the gum releases compounds, contained in an extract from a plant called Pueraria mirifica that helps to keep the muscle tissue in good order.
Pueraria mirifica, also known as Kwao Krua, is a species found in Thailand and Burma and has long been used by hill tribe people as a traditional medicine.
The plant's underground tubers contain a number of chemicals called phytoestrogens – natural compounds which mimic the effects of the female sex hormone oestrogen.
According to the BBC, makers of the gum cite tests carried out by Thailand's Chulalongkorn University which found Pueraria mirifica therapy was able to enhance breast size by 80 per cent.
Further tests carried out in England found that the plant had a beneficial effect on the skin, and hair, as well.
The company also markets different Pueraria products, including pills, and tea.
The gum, which comes in rose flavour, has proved so popular that there are plans to start selling it in convenience stores.
Sony presents MP3 Walkman, taking on iPod
The company that started it all is back with a new MP3 Walkman. Sony has unveiled its latest portable music player in direct competition with the Apple iPod.
There are two versions of the new Walkman, their compact player requires less recharging time, just three minutes for up to three hours of playing time.
Sony, the creator of the original portable music player has lagged behind  Apple, now we shall see what impression they make on the marketplace.
Málaga 1 - Betis 2
Málaga try hard but Betis take the points with two goals inside the first twenty minutes.  A win for the Seville side.
This Sunday Malaga meet Real Madrid at the Bernabeu Stadium, kick-off at 19.00 hours. Malaga’s next home game is after Easter on April 3rd and will be against Getafe.
Alonso on Provisional Pole for Malaysian GP
Fernando Alonso led the way for Renault in Saturday's first qualifying session for the Malaysian Grand Prix with a best time of 1:32.582, this was just nine hundredths of a second ahead of Toyota's Jarno Trulli. Giancarlo Fisichella strengthened Renault's challenge with third fastest in what was a closely contested fight for the front row.
The track temperature was around 50 degrees as BAR's Anthony Davidson, standing in for the unwell Takuma Sato, came out for the first lap. The Englishman, who previously competed in two races for Minardi in 2002, is using the engine that Sato started the weekend with clocked 1:34.866.
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