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Feast Days
There are 32 food fiestas in the province of Malaga every year and according to official statistics, 205,000 people attended them in 2004.
The cry of “free food!” sends thousands of people every year on pilgrimages to the villages for a culinary bash. Canillas de Algaida’s black pudding, Monda’s soup and Almáchar’s ajoblanco (cold garlic soup) are all close at hand - and delicious.
There are 32 annual “feast” days on the calendar in the province of Malaga every year, many of which, in fact, last more than one day and turn into complete weekends of gorging on food and drink. According to official statistics, as many as 205,800 people visited the villages for their gastronomic festivals last year.
And every year new ones join the list. Last April it was Benamargosa with its Country Day. “It has actually existed since 1986, but in the beginning it was very much a local affair; now it is more institutionalised and we show off all our local produce, such as avocados and lemons”, says the village Mayor, Alfonso Jiménez. It’s an excuse, as the mayors say, “to get people to come and see the village.” This happens everywhere; the hosts get something out of it too. (Sur in English -25 – 31 March 2005)
Don’t miss
Monda: Monda Soup Day; the second fortnight in March
Periana: Verdial Olive Oil Day; the second fortnight in March
Benamargosa: The Countryside Fiesta; the second fortnight in April
Canillas de Aceitun Black Pudding Day; the second fortnight in April
Sierra de Yeguas: The Asparagus Fair; the second fortnight in April
Virgin Express to Málaga
Virgin Express will start flying from Brussels to Murcia from May. Initially it will be served three times per week. Murcia is the seventh Virgin Express destination on the Iberian peninsula.
Every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday Virgin Express will fly to Murcia, situated in the middle of the tourist area of Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol.
Robin Hood Airport
http://www.robinhoodairport.com/ near Doncaster opens at the end of April and flies to many destinations including Malaga.
Petrol Prices Rise in Spain
This year people driving to their holiday destination may find themselves exceeding their budget due to the price of petrol here.
Although Spanish prices are still not as high as in many other European countries, petrol prices are starting to become more and more of an issue here. It costs nearly 6 euros more to fill a 40-litre tank than it did in Easter last year.
This month oil prices have reached an all-time high in Spain and gasoil now costs 86.4 cents per litre. In April last year a litre cost 76.6 cents. Meanwhile non-leaded petrol 95 costs 90.3 cents and unleaded super 97 costs 98.2 cents.
The alternative to driving is of course to take advantage of some of the special offers launched by airlines running inland flights. Spanair launched another 9 euros per flight campaign this weekend and some of Iberia's special offers start from as low as 15 euros. In fact it has never been as cheap to fly within Spain as it is this year.
Rail travel is another possibility. Spanish long-distance trains are usually comfy and good value for money. First class travel on RENFE and AVE trains is much cheaper in Spain than in Britain, and passengers are served meals and drinks depending on the time of the journey.
Charles and Camilla Wedding Shown Live On Spanish Television
Many Spanish Television Companies in Spain are to show the wedding of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles live, Currently Britain will not.
The wedding will be in a registry office in Windsor on 8th April.
The move reflects the huge interest in the British Royal family in Spain.
In Britain itself, television networks were reported to be refusing to show the wedding itself live, alternatively they will show the reception for Prince Charles and Mrs Parker Bowles to be hosted by the Queen at Windsor Castle in the evening.
The Queen it is said will not attend the actual wedding, this is thought by many in Spain to be bizarre.
Sunburn can Double the Risk of Skin Cancer
People should monitor their moles and skin blemishes and if existing moles start to change they should always be checked by a doctor. The risk of melanoma, increases with age. The new SunSmart campaign will target tan-loving 16-24 year olds warning that sunburn can double their risk of skin cancer. Children could be three times more likely than their grandparents to get malignant melanoma - the deadliest form of skin cancer - unless the trend to sunbathe recklessly is reversed.
Precautions by SunSmart code
·                     Avoid sun-rays between 11am-3pm
·                     Make sure you never burn
·                     Body-protection with a T shirt, wide brimmed hat and sunglasses
·                     Extra care with children
·                     Apply factor 15 plus sunscreen.
Proba Workshop: Small Satellite Gives Beautiful Results
In orbit for three and a half years now, ESA's smallest Earth Observation satellite is making a big contribution to science, a workshop heard this week. Proba applications range from studying land vegetation to water quality monitoring, assessing productivity of Italian vineyards, even helping hunt for meteorite impact craters.
Work is currently going on based on images of Lake Constance in Central Europe, inland water in Belgium and water reservoirs in Spain along with the sea off Plymouth. With atmospheric correction a major part of data retrieval over water, one workshop recommendation was that a means be set up to share tools and algorithms developed by users.
56 scientific teams worldwide are either currently using or planning to use CHRIS data. This week saw the Third Proba/CHRIS Workshop take place at ESRIN in Frascati, ESA's establishment in Italy. Starting on 21 March, the three-day event was an opportunity for researchers to share current results and future plans, and have an input into future CHRIS acquisition planning.
Parents Picking Gender of Kids
Parents may soon be able to pick the Sex of their babies under plans proposed by a group of British MPs.
The proposals, outlined in a controversial report, call for personal fertility decisions to be taken out of the hands of regulators. Instead, future parents in consultation with their doctors should generally have the last word on embryo screening and selection.
Most controversially, the proposals go some way towards the creation of so-called "designer" babies. If accepted, they will give parents greater freedom to determine the sex of their children and ensure they are genetically sound.
The report calls for the current regulator, the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA), to be disbanded. In its place would be a new Regulatory Agency for Fertility and Tissues, which would have much more limited powers.
DaimlerChrysler Staff Problems
DaimlerChrysler gave information and documents to German investigators on Thursday in a probe of alleged irregularities at its home sales division.
Prosecutors said they were investigating 11 people over breach of trust allegations, DaimlerChrysler said in a statement that it "presented and explained a range of information and documents today to investigating authorities."
"This took place in the context of cooperation with authorities to investigate irregularities in parts of DaimlerChrysler AG's German sales organization," the statement said. No details were given regarding the material handed over.
German media have reported that those under investigation include a former Germany sales chief, who allegedly used company money to build a vacation house for his girlfriend in Spain.
Real Madrid 1 - Málaga 0
Málaga lose to a fantastic goal by Real Madrid's Roberto Carlos.
Malaga’s next home game is on April 3rd, kick off 5.00 pm and will be against Getafe.
Alonso Pole to Podium
Spain's Fernando Alonso won last Sunday's Malaysian Grand Prix to give Renault back to back F1 victories, Jarno Trulli captured second place and the first podium for Toyota.
Alonso's team mate Giancarlo Fisichella crashed with the Williams of Mark Webber, 7 Time world champion Michael Schumacher collected his first points of 2005 with a lowly (for him) seventh-place finish for Ferrari, tyres it seemed played a big part..................again.
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