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The official "foreign" population registered on the local census has increased by 45.5 per cent in the last year, from 580 to 844. According to the "padrón" there are 406 Brazilians, 248 Britons, 156 Columbians, 136 Argentinians, 102 Rumanians and 89 Moroccans among many other nationalities.
Tony King Murder Trial Delayed
A court in Malaga has postponed the trial of British murder suspect Tony Alexander King, who is accused of killing a young woman.
King's trial was delayed on medical grounds court sources said. King's defense counsel produced a medical certificate saying he was sick and in hospital, setting back the start of the trial due to start Monday 11th April.
King, 39 and a former barman who has lived in Spain for nine years, faces up to 44 years in jail if found guilty of killing Sonia Carabantes in August 2003 when she walked home from a village party.
The new road bridge linking the areas of Cruz de Humilladero and Jardín de la Abadía was opened last Friday by the Minister of Development, The bridge has been locally christened Union Bridge as it links two densely populated areas of the city previously separated by the railway line.
Direct Flights
GB Airways brought forward the launch of its direct flights between Malaga and Manchester last month due to the high demand for this route. Last September GB Airways revealed its plan to open connections between the British city and Malaga and Tenerife, they will begin to operate in May.
Malaga Airport is becoming the most important point for GB Airways in Spain, with four connections with Gatwick, two with Heathrow and one daily with Manchester (two on Saturdays). All the lines will use Airbus 320 aircraft.
Mediterranean Diet Helps People Live Longer
People who eat a Mediterranean diet can expect to live longer, research suggests. Past studies have shown that the kind of diet popular in Mediterranean countries may have certain health benefits, the British Daily Mail reported.
Now research published in the British Medical Journal says it could help increase life expectancy. The Mediterranean diet involves a high intake of vegetables, fruits and cereals, a moderate to high intake of fish, a low intake of saturated fats but a high intake of unsaturated fats, such as olive oil.
New Medical Law
From now on, no patient will have to wait longer than two months to be seen by a specialist in a first consultation, thanks to the new regulations regarding the Andalusian public health system Also, the maximum period that a patient waits for diagnostic tests will be one month. The six public hospitals in the province of Malaga have announced that they are following the new regulation and that they will continue to do so. The measures have received mixed opinions from unions, who praise the idea of the new law but criticize the fact that many medical professionals are being overworked, saying that there are not enough resources available.
Asked to break the Law?
If you buy a house in Spain, you will almost certainly be asked to break the law as a routine part of the process. Refuse and you run a real risk of losing the house of your dreams; but if you go ahead and commit the crime, as so many estate agents advise - be warned. The recently installed socialist government has decided to get tough on tax cheats and money launderers and the booming property market is a number one target.
See this Telegraph article here
Tee On Time
The Costa del Sol Course Finder is a new golf course guide it promises to make life easier for golfers and visitors trying to get to the tee on time. The publication is easy to use and each course has been assigned a double page spread with colour photographs. It details important information about the courses with an individual map which clearly shows, kilometre by kilometre, the simplest way to the clubhouse from the main N340 coastal road.It is available at many retail outlets along the Costa del Sol.
Britain and Spain Each Want Lost Treasure
The Strait of Gibraltar has been the scene of many skirmishes between the British and Spanish, now the two nations are fighting again, this time it is about a wreck of an English warship loaded with treasure amounting to approximately 4 billion dollars.
HMS Sussex has languished undisturbed on the seabed for over 300 years, however researchers have discovered the ship was carrying masses of English silver and gold. it has now become the focus of a very strong dispute, the Spanish authorities are trying to impede the progress of a private company to locate it and start salvage work on behalf of Britain.
International law gives British authorities jurisdiction over the wrecks of British ships wherever they might lie, and this month the U.K. government gave permission to an American exploration company, Odyssey Marine Exploration, to salvage the Sussex.
The regional government of the Spanish state of Andalucía, however, claims that Odyssey also needs permission from Spain to carry out exploration in Spanish waters and has sent out coastal patrols in an effort to disrupt the salvage operation.
Odyssey has struck a deal with the British under which it can keep a share of the treasure in return for conducting the salvage operation.
236 Million Euros Drug Money Scam Discovered
Police in Barcelona have broken up another international money laundering operation in Barcelona, in which 236 million euros worth of drugs money was allegedly involved.
Police have arrested three people, including a lawyer, in the Catalan capital.
The role of those arrested was allegedly to channel the proceeds of drugs money to Mexico, using private planes, couriers or bank accounts around the world.
The police operation – codenamed Tacos- began in March with the intention of breaking up a drugs gang.
Ask Jeeves Tests Spanish Version
The Spanish service, called Ask Jeeves Espana, is now available in test form with a full launch later in 2005.
The Spanish search site is part of bigger picture that the American based company has for Europe. International expansion is an important component to their corporate growth strategy their CEO Steve Berkowitz said.
Ask Jeeves expects that its new Spanish site will be able to generate substantial revenue by featuring sponsored links from other search leaders, such as Google. It also intends to join up with leading consumer media companies in Spain to expand its user base a spokesman reported.
Euro Millions Jackpot £43,960,693
The jackpot was the largest to date in the weekly draw, for which tickets sell in Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Portugal, France, Luxembourg, Spain and the UK. National Lottery operator Camelot said "one mystery player" in Switzerland had "just become very, very rich". The total jackpot was £43,960,693.
The winning numbers were 7, 11, 25, 31, 50 and the Lucky Stars were 3 and 1.
A Picasso Painting Stolen From A Gallery In Paris Is Recovered
As a result of a tip-off, police traced the painting worth 2.5million euros to a house in Paris where the painting was hidden behind a wardrobe in the Anthony suburb in the city.
Cubist painting "Nature Morte a la Charlotte", completed in 1924, was reported missing in May last year from a restoration workshop.
It had been kept in a workshop waiting to be restored before being loaned to a museum in northern France, when it went missing.
Pompidou Gallery officials said the painting would have been impossible to sell because it was too well known.
The World Pays its Last Respects to Pope John Paul
The body of Pope John Paul II was laid to rest in the crypt of St Peter's Basilica on Friday, alongside many of his predecessors.
Vatican officials said the pope's body, encased in three caskets, had been buried close to the spot believed to contain the remains of Peter, the apostle chosen by Jesus Christ to found his church.
The three-hour ceremony was conducted by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, dean of the Sacred College of Cardinals.
Political and religious leaders from around the world bowed their heads and prayed at the solemn mass, joining tens of thousands of mourners packed into the piazza.
The Polish-born Pope died last Saturday aged 84 after a 26-year pontificate, the third longest in history.
Prince Ernst, husband of Princess Caroline of Monaco
The Prince is in intensive care with an acute illness of the pancreas.
Princess Caroline's father, Prince Rainier, died only two days ago and his funeral is due to be held on 15 April at the principality's cathedral.
A statement from the Royal Palace said the Prince's condition was serious and he needed constant medical attention.
Doctors are carrying out tests to determine the extent of his illness. The 51-year-old German prince was taken to the Princess Grace hospital with acute pancreatitis early on Tuesday, the day before Rainier's death, "We are stunned. It is yet another trial for the family," said Monaco's Archbishop Bernard Barsi.
Isuzu sets up joint sales unit in Spain
Isuzu Motors Ltd announced that it has established a joint company in Madrid to sell Isuzu made commercial vehicles in Spain and Portugal.
The new company Isuzu Iberia S.L. is capitalized at 2 million euros, Isuzu Motors and Mitsubishi Corporation each contributing 20% of the total. The remaining 60% was put up by local auto importer Berge Group.
MG Rover Goes Into Administration
Prime Minister Tony Blair has insisted a rescue deal with a Chinese investor is still possible. Mr Blair said he had contacted Chinese officials on Friday and hoped a new deal could be put together. Talks with Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp (SAIC) failed on Thursday, putting the future of MG Rover's Longbridge plant and 6,000 workers at risk. Administrators said some potential buyers had already expressed interest.
Man Gets Nine Years For Spamming
A man in America has been sentenced to nine years in jail by a Virginia judge for sending millions of junk emails, or "spamming". Jeremy Jaynes, 30, is the first person in the US to get a prison term in a spam case. He is said to have been the world's eighth most prolific spammer. Jaynes has appealed, and the court has put off the start of his prison term because the new law raises questions.
Under Virginia law, sending bulk email using fake addresses is a crime.
Málaga 1 – Getafe 1
Malaga are held by Getafe after a mid-table battle highlighted by two excellent goals.
Málaga’s next game will be away to Valencia on 10 April 2005.
Loeb Leads for Citroen
Current World champion Sebastien Loeb has the lead in the New Zealand Rally on the second day today. (09.04.05). Leading by over 23 seconds overnight, he won three of the six special stages to increase his lead to over 53 seconds ahead of Marcus Gronholm of Finland. Norway's Petter Solberg, was third, over 7 seconds behind Gronholm, with Loeb's Citroen team mate Francois Duval maintaining 4th spot.
Carrie Ford First Woman To Win The National With Forest Gunner?
Carrie’s horse is the current 10-1 favourite for national hunt racing's showpiece event, however she faces stiff competition from Clan Royal, aptly named on the day of a Royal wedding, if Carrie wins, it could cost bookies 100 million pounds.
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