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The artist, José Rodríguez, has won the competition for the design of the poster for the Álora Feria this year, which was organised by the Ayuntamiento.
Rodríguez is a specialist in sign-writing and drawing, has already been a winner in other artistic contests.  His work will adorn the posters for the Feria this year, which will take place between 3 and 7 August and for the first time will transfer to Santa Ana and up to the football ground and El Hacho College.
Wolf Cub “Inside Story” from The Wolf Park, Antequera
We have an update on this story from the Wolf Park from Caroline Schwier.
Just read the latest newsletter and want to make a comment about the baby wolf at the Lobo Park. His breed is called Polar, but his name is actually Kaya, which is Eskimo/Inuit.
The writer is the person who went underground into the den to bring the cub out.  We appreciate the time taken to let us know the inside scoop! Thank you.
Fire in Teba
A forest fire in Teba has affected an area of scrub and pine it was reported this morning. The fire began at approximately 2.00 am in Ortegicar in the Region of Antequera. The fire is being fought with 7 fire engines, two planes and four helicopters.
Alhaurín de la Torre
The work on the reorganization of parking in front of the Town Hall has already finished, except for some minor details.
Málaga Festival of Tapas
The XII Festival of Tapas will take place in Málaga between 22 and 26 June 2005.  The festival is held is the area of the large fountain close to Calle Marques de Larios, the central pedestrian shopping street in Málaga.
Hearing of Málaga Decides to Prolong Prison Sentence for King
The Second Section of the Provincial Hearing of Málaga has decided, by means of a judicial decree, to prolong the provisional prison sentence of the Briton, Tony Briton Alexander King in the case of the death of Sonia Carabantes, according to judicial sources.
This Court welcomed last week the decision on the continuation in prison of the Briton, in that the public prosecutor and the particular accusation, in representation of the family of the young person of Coín, asked for the prolongation of prison by two more years more, due to the gravity of the crime and the risk of flight; whereas its defense requested that he be set free on bail.
The Briton was transferred from the jail of Albolote (Granada), where he remains incarcerated, in order to be present for this appearance
Antequera Daily
The Andalucian Editorial Press will present in Antequera the first daily newspaper for a smaller locality of less than 50,000 inhabitants
On Wednesday 15 June the first edition of this publication pioneered in Andalusia will go out. The President of the Provincial Delegation of Malaga, Salvador Pendon, and the Mayor of Antequera, Ricardo Millán, will attend the presentation tomorrow of the first newspaper that is to be published in a smaller Andalucian city of 50,000 inhabitants.
The Ediciones company Press Andalucian is the promoter of this publication that counts on a group of twenty people. The newspaper will collect daily from 20 municipalities with less than 5,000 inhabitants.
Concentration Against the Golf Course that Promotes Aifos in Villanueva del Rosario
Last Friday, June 10, in the presence of ecologists, the approval of the urbanization project took place in Valley del Rosario, promoted by the Aifos promoter in the Malaga province of Villanueva del Rosario, "made up of a golf course with urbanization of 1,000 houses and commercial center", according to the magazine the OBSERVER www.revistaelobservador.com
Construction of the main section of the new roadway in Coín begins. 
The Mayor was present this Monday for the commencement of road works of the new road to Coin, the new Way of Coín, the four way circulation system that will solve the present problematic traffic in the zone of the Lagunas, main urban nucleus of the municipality and the most important area of city-planning growth; the four way circulation plan is designed to be the embryo of a powerful road network that will be extended as the different sectors are developed.
The Construction company Vera who is in charge of the work, requires a municipal investment of 4,101,119 euros with an implementation time of 10 months, two less than indicated in the original condition sheet.
University of Málaga
The UMA will collaborate with the Asociación contra el Silencio y el Olvido y para la Recuperación de la Memoria Histórica (ARMH) for the recovery of the historical facts in relation to the Civil War. The University of Malaga has agreed to develop activities to investigate the events which occured in Málaga during the civil war and dictatorship.
The objective is to reconstruct, as far as possible, "what it happened in the province in those years, to have exact knowledge of the history and to ensure that it is not repeated" according to the president of the ARMH, Thorny Francisco. On the other hand, the vice director of Investigation of the UMA, Jose Narváez Angel, indicated that for the University "it is proud to be involved in the investigations, societies advance and the history of all its inhabitants.
Hans Christian Andersen’s Latest Fairy Tale In Málaga
After an absence of 143 years, the writer Hans Christian Andersen, who wrote more than 150 fairy tales, has come back to Málaga, the city he fell in love with. In his book about his travels in Spain he said that “in no other Spanish city have I felt so happy and at home as I do in Málaga.”
He can now be found in bronze form sitting on a bench on the pavement in the centre, opposite the park, looking pensively towards the Alameda.
The statue was unveiled on Tuesday and the writer was welcomed back to Malaga by Princess Benedikte of Denmark, the mayor, Francisco de la Torre and numerous representatives of the Danish community. The unveiling by the sister of Queen Margarita was the first in a series of commemorative events to celebrate the bicentenary of Andersen’s birth.
Flamenco Passion from Andalusia throughout the World
The famous poet and writer Federico García Lorca calls flamenco "one of the great inventions of the Spaniards". Born for two centuries in Andalusia, to the south of Spain, flamenco is considered one of the richest and singular forms of music in the world. Flamenco exists in three forms: song, dance and guitar. And although the gypsies are considered the parents of this art, the songs and popular dances of Andalusia have also been influenced considerably.
Although its exact origins are shrouded in darkness, it seems that its foundations were laid during the difficult times endured by the Moors, Jews and gypsies when they were being persecuted. The Moorish singing style, the different compás (rhythm styles), rhythmic hand clapping and basic dance movements express the spirit of desperation, struggle, hope, pride in the late-night partying of the people.
Málaga represents 60% of total mortgage business of the Halifax Bank in Spain
The province of Malaga represents 60% of total the Mortgage business of the bank Halifax Hispania in Spain, although the number of clients of the organization only reaches 30% of national level, according to information by its advisor yesterday.
Fraud Case
The judge prosecutes the 4 accused of fraud in the collection of the invoices for the care of the green zones. The magistrate accuses the presumed continued crime of "falsification of official documents and embezzlement of public assets”
The holder of the Court of Instruction number 11 of Malaga, Juan Francisco Muddy Ramirez, has prosecuted the four for the presumed fraud of more than 413,000 euros in the collection of invoices for the maintenance of the municipal green zones, two civil employees of the City council of the capital and two people in charge of the societies awardees -- Sando and the UTE Urbaser-Thaler, by its presumed participation in "a continued crime of falsification in official document and embezzlement of public assets". The defendant in this case, denounced in 2000 by the municipal groups of PSOE and IU, they are jointly formed by the municipal technicians Maria Carmen Muñoz Lopez and Manuel Carlos Martinez González, and the people in charge of Sando and the UTE Urbaser-Thaler, Luis Poor Sanchez Murillo and Antonio Roldán Clary, respectively.
800,000 Immigrants Expected To Rush Town Halls
An almost forgotten part of the reforms to the foreigners law passed in December 2003, means that all non-resident foreigners in Spain have to go to their local town halls and re-register on the local census list or Padron, by December. The local councils are not obliged to remind non-EU immigrants of the requirement. It's estimated that as news spreads of the requirement that more than 800,000 immigrants will keep their local ayuntamientos busy between now and the end of the year.
Minister Warns Drought Could Be Long Lasting
The drought conditions are it seems worsening rapidly in the Segura valley in the north of Spain. A continued lack of rain in the area has driven local reservoirs down to the current level of just 15.9% capacity. Minister for the Environment, Cristina Narbona, has commented that this year is proving the driest nationally for the past 60 years, and has warned too that it could be the first of an extended dry period. Nationally the reservoirs are now at 57.1% capacity – a fall of 1.1% over the last week.
King Juan Carlos Visits President Vladimir Putin
At a Kremlin meeting on Thursday, King Juan Carlos I of Spain and Russian President Vladimir Putin hailed relations between their two countries.
King Juan Carlos I believes that President Putin’s visit to Spain would help advance good initiatives launched during his first visit to Spain in 2000. "We are looking forward to your official visit to Spain," the king stressed, adding that the invitation had already been made.
The king, who is on a private visit to Russia, has thanked the president for an opportunity to meet with him.
Spanish Ham Makes its Way into the United States
Spain's famous pork and ham products can now be sold in the United States for the first time. Restrictions based on the inability of the US legislation to judge the health quality if items as traditional hams has meant up to now that Spain could only export hams from pigs killed elsewhere, but now the famous Iberico hams can be exported to the US.
A statement from the Spanish embassy in Washington said that the United States has recognised that the Spanish are capable of quality control and of meeting United States health requirements.
Spanishpromotions Exports Real Estate and Spanish Tourism
The first multimedia third generation gateway for mobile phones is born that will promote tourism and the Spanish real estate sector in the increasing market online.
With spanishpromotions.com, opening the door for all companies in the tourism and property sectors who want to build a multimedia profile in the online market, with communication support and using the latest broadband and mobile phone technologies. The portal is available in both Spanish and English, the two most widely-read languages on the Internet.
Although its exact origins are shrouded in darkness, it seems that its foundations were laid during the difficult times endured by the Moors, Jews and gypsies when they were being persecuted. The Moorish singing style, the different compás (rhythm styles), rhythmic hand clapping and basic dance movements express the spirit of desperation, struggle, hope, pride in the late-night partying of the people.
The British Easy Group behind the airline EasyJet is due to open its first EasyHotel in London in August. The chain will then gradually expand with establishments in Basle (Switzerland) and later in Spain and the United Arab Emirates. The group’s aim is to transfer its “no frills/low cost” philosophy to the hotel business.
Seatbelt Campaign
The Spanish Traffic Department is launching a new campaign to encourage drivers and passengers to wear their seatbelts. It is targetting back seat passengers who do not normally wear seatbelts, whilst also aiming to encourage the use of special retaining devices for children. The campaign is taking place between the 13th and 26th of June, with the Guardia Civil stopping 200,000 cars to make sure the drivers and passengers are obeying the law.
XV Mediterranean Games Almería 2005
The XV Mediterranean Games will start on 24 June 2005 and will finish on 3 July in Almeria. The capital of Almería will be the main venue for the XV Mediterranean Games with the six municipalities of the province also hosting the Games along with two cultural subvenues.
The Mediterranean Games along with the Olympic Games are one of the most important events that Spain can participate in. Elite sportsmen and women from 21 countries compete in 24 sports. The Mediterranean Sea, the main image of the games, unites the participating countries. The offical symbol is three circles that represent the three continents involved, these being bathed in the lower part by the mediterranean waters.
The official mascot for the Mediterranean Games in Almería 2005 is called Indalete. It is a creation that mixes the prehistoric symbol that represents Almería, the Indalo, with the sun, which is another of the signs of identity of this land, and with the colours that make up the star of Almería 2005.
The participating countries are:
Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Cyprus, Croatia, Slovenia, Spain, France, Greece, Italy, Malta - Monaco, San Marino, Serbia and Montenegro, Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey
US Grand Prix, Indianapolis, 19 June 2005
Juan Pablo Montoya was the fastest on Friday in each of the first two sessions of practice for Sunday's U.S. Grand Prix at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway with Kimi Raikkonen second and Ferrari's Rubens Barrichello third.
Toyota's Brazilian test driver Ricardo Zonta was second fastest in the morning with Renault's championship leader Fernando Alonso third. Montoya and Alonso have the disadvantage of qualifying early on Saturday. Reigning world champion Michael Schumacher posted the fourth fastest time in the afternoon session. Briton David Coulthard was sixth fastest with a time of 1.12.076 for Red Bull while BAR's Jenson Button could only post the 15th fastest time in the afternoon.
Ralf Schumacher will be fit to race on Sunday despite crashing in Friday's practice in almost the same spot where he crashed in the 2004 race.
Nadal Returns to Wimbledon
Less than three months ago the prospect of Rafael Nadal's name being added to the list of competitors at The Championships would not have attracted undue interest. Then the youngster from Mallorca, who turned 19 earlier this month, embarked on a sensational run which carried him up to third in the rankings and to the forefront of attention.
Having won the Brazil and Mexican Opens back-to-back in February, Nadal returned to Europe for a run of 25 matches on clay which encompassed victories in the Masters Series tournaments of Monte Carlo and Rome, the Seat Godo championships in Barcelona and, most triumphantly of all, Grand Slam success at the French Open on his debut there.
This is not Nadal's Wimbledon debu, he competed two years ago, and reached the third round.  Last year the youngster known throughout Spain as "Rafa" missed Wimbledon because of a stress fracture of the left ankle which sidelined him for most of the summer.
Owen's Real Future
Michael Owen says he may have to leave Real Madrid because the Bernabeu side will be strengthened after a second season without a trophy. The 25-year-old hinted that a return to England may be on the cards if he proves to be surplus to requirements.
Owen joined Real from Liverpool in August 2004 and, despite not being guaranteed a starting place, he has always insisted that he is happy at the club.  He scored 16 goals in the 2004-2005 campaign and he was assured by Real that they were happy with his contribution, however, Real are believed to have received a number of inquiries for the forward and Owen is realistic enough to know that a guaranteed first-team spot would aid his England ambitions.
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