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Car Rally of the Northeastern Region of Malaga
The Escudería Gibralfaro has organized the Rally of the Northeastern Region of Malaga which take place on 24 and 25 of June 2005 at Villanueva de Algaidas.  The rally consists of the following regional Championships and Trophies:
- Championship of Andalusia de Rallyes
- Challenge Peugeot de Andalucia, Extremadura and Murcia
- Trophy of Andalusia de Historicos
Procession of San Juan – Las Mellizas
The Romeria will take place on Sunday 26 June 2005 at the Ermita de Las Mellizas.  There is a fiesta with various stalls and a mass at 1.00 pm. 
Fiesta de San Juan
During the night of 23 until dawn on 24 June, the province of Malaga celebrates the Fiesta de San Juan, a pagan tradition adopted by the Christian church.  It dates back to an ancient celebration of the Midsummer Solstice; it is a festival of bonfires and mayhem in the streets and on the beach.
The climax of the festival comes at midnight on the 23rd when juas, large cloth figures filled with sawdust, paper or similar materials, are set on fire. These figures are made by the people of the neighbourhoods and usually represent a caricature of a public figure. The bonfires stretch along the whole the Malaga beaches and other beaches in the province.  It is also an occasion to get rid of old furniture, which helps to keep the fire burning much longer!
Most of the bonfires prepared to burn the juas are set up along the beach. When the flames have dwindled to an appropriate size, young people start jumping over the fire in a competition of skill and bravery. At the same time the rest of the group continues to dance around the fire.
At midnight anyone having a swim in the sea or who washes his/her face with sea water at the stroke of midnight will conserve eternal beauty.  Also people throw papers onto the bonfires with spells, desires and wishes of things they want to banish from their lives.  
Some other beliefs from the fiesta are; venomous plants lose their toxic powers, young single women will dream of who will be their husband, if you make a cross on fruit trees they will produce double, if you put yourself under a fig tree you will learn to play the guitar.
XXII Atalaya Flamenco at Casarabonela
A Flamenco evening will take place on Saturday 2 July 2005 from 10.30 pm at the Polideportivo C.P. “Estebanez Calderon”.  There will be singing, guitar and local dance groups performing.  Admission is €12.
Works have begun on the pedestrianisation of the historical centre of Pizarra. 
The Verbena of Pizarra (concerts, fireworks, small fairgrounds and rides for kids, music and dance) takes place from 1 – 3 July 2005.
Alhaurin el Grande
The Ayuntamiento of Alhaurin el Grande has announced a project to construct a gran mirador (a panoramic viewpoint) in the Mateo Orchard, part of the historical centre of the town, with wonderful views of the Guadalhorce Valley.
The creation of the viewpoint entails an increase of the green zones, in addition it will improve the gardens, access, parking and the public lighting system.
Endangered Tortoises Born at Fuengirola Zoo
Fuengirola Zoo (Malaga) has achieved, for the first time, the reproduction of a tortoise in danger of extinction, with the birth of four of these reptiles.  The tortoises are of the species "Heosemys grandis.
The Zoo of Fuengirola has been the first in the world to achieve the reproduction of these tortoises. 
Free Ice Cream
The Frigo caravan arrives in Malaga and Benalmádena.
The Frigo caravan, the main distributor of free ice cream for the 2005 summer, arrives on 26 and 27 from June in Benalmádena and the capital Malaga with the objective to hand out around 12,000 units of free Cornetto Soft ice cream in two days.
The Frigo trucks have predicted to settle in commercial centers and key points in both cities for an uninterrupted schedule from 13:00 22:00. The days and locations are:
BENALMADENA: 26 of June on Malapesquera Beach and Junto al Merendero Virgen del Mar .
MALAGA: 27 of June in Larios Centre and Rosaleda
Everyone who approaches for a Soft Cornetto will be given the flavour called “straciatella”.
The Frigo caravan consists of 3 trucks and a team of 15 specialists from the Soft Cornetto ice cream company, the creamiest in the range of Frigo. The objective of the company is to visit more than 75 cities of in Spain in only 40 days and to hand out more than 250,000 ice creams, the largest amount ever distributed by Cornetto Soft.
Health Invests 175,000 Euros in the Reform of 4 Doctors’ Offices in the Province of Malaga
The Health Delegation in Malaga, Maria Antigua Escalera, has signed agreements of collaboration with the mayors of the city councils of Almargen, Cañete La Real, Cuevas de San Marcos and Totalán to extend the work in the doctors' offices of these four municipalities. The total cost is in excess of 175,000 euros and will benefit a population of 8,810 inhabitants.
In Almargen, in the District of la Vega, the emergencies of the local doctor's office will be extended, and they will have ambulance parking and the installation of air conditioning. The cost of the work will be in excess of 85,000 euros. With a group of a doctor, which it shares with Cañete La Real, and a nurse, this center takes care of a population of 2,074 inhabitants.
The doctor's office of Cañete La Real will also be extended with the conclusion of the second plant with two additional consultations, a waiting room and an elevator for people with motor difficulties, that it will invest 45,500 euros. Cañete La Real with 2,084 neighbors, also has a doctor and a nurse.
On the other hand, Cuevas of San Marcos will see their doctor´s office reformed with a cost of 10,500 euros, the consultation room will be extended, the front part of the building will be covered with a patio and a counter for the office will be constructed. The group is made up of two doctors, plus it shares with Villanueva de Algaidas, two nurses and an administrative assistant pertaining to the Sanitary District of La Vega, that they take care of a population of 3,973 inhabitants.
King Juan Carlos Visits Malaga
King Juan Carlos was in Malaga on Thursday 23 June to preside over the General Assembly of the Mediterranean Chambers of Commerce.
The conference, attended by delegates from 23 European, Asian and African countries, was held at the Palacio de Ferias y Congresos. The last time King Juan Carlos came to Malaga was for the inauguration of the Picasso Museum in October 2003 when accompanied by Queen Sofía.
City of the Motor
The presentation of the project for commercial centre planned to be built off the A7 at Velez Malaga of 110,000 sqm took place on Wednesday 22 June.
The City of the Motor will provide a commercial centre dedicated to the buying of cars, motos, quad bikes, boats and agricultural machinery etc. There will also be workshops, accessory shops and after sales service.
This is an investment of 80 millions euros and is expected to be finished by mid 2007.
Bahía de Las Rocas (Bay of Rocks)
Pierre & Vacances and Bouygues will invest 60 million in a tourist promotion in Malaga.
The companies, Pierre & Vacances and Bouygues International will invest 60 million euros in a promotion of tourist apartments in Bahía de las Rocas (Malaga).
The complex, that will begin construction this same summer, will be developed on a surface of 50,000 square meters. It is integrated by 328 luxury apartments of between 50 and 100 square meters that will be available from 2007.
The complex, named Terrazas Costa del Sol will be made under the concept of real estate investment for the rental. It brings a model to buy that Pierre & Vacances has introduced in which the buyer of the apartment signs a contract of renting for ten years, a period in which the promotional company is in charge to manage the rent and to maintain of the buildings.
The investor makes sure therefore one rents by free rent of expenses guaranteed during ten years, independently of the occupation of the property, that in addition it can combine with the benefit.
Pierre & Vacances, a group quoted on the stock-market of Paris, specialises in the promotion of tourist residences. It operates in France, Italy and Norte of Europe, in addition to in Spain.
Living in Spain
One of the things which attracts so many people to Spain is the lifestyle, it is so different from many other European countries.
The Spanish Centre for Sociological Research has just published a survey which indicates that Spaniards themselves are very happy with the main differences between Spain and their European partners, especially when it comes to eating habits. According to the results of the survey, over 85 percent of Spaniards prefer Spanish eating times and have never considered eating lunch or dinner earlier at similar times used in the rest of Europe.
Over half the people interviewed eat lunch from two to three o'clock and 19.9 percent between three and four o'clock. Meanwhile over 48 percent have dinner between nine and ten, and 27 percent from ten to eleven o'clock. Spaniards sleep on average seven and a quarter hours during the week and eight and a half hours at weekends.
Spaniards consider health and family to be most important to them followed by work, friends, money, only 11 percent consider religion to be important, and even fewer politics
Over 54 percent of Spaniards are very satisfied with family life, but only 22 percent are very satisfied with their home. The majority are happy, very happy or quite happy with their job, and only 6.9 and 7 percent are dissatisfied or very dissatisfied at work. Over a third would like to have more free time to spend with their families.
Spain’s Second Snowdome will be Bigger than Xanadú
A second snowdome for Spain is being proposed for the city of Valencia. The new indoor snow centre will be larger than the existing Xanadú centre near Madrid, making it one of the world’s largest, and will be visible from almost any point in the city.
The company Snows and Trade, integrated by Procom Urban Developments and Parcelatoria of Gonzalo Chacón (PGC), will be in charge of building the centre, called Neutopía, located in the San Luis sector. The complex will have a surface area of 100,000 square meters of which 60,000 will be devoted to leisure and 40,000 to a business district. The project will cost 300 million Euros, to be funded by private investment.
The 57m (190 feet) high ski hall is being marketed as “the first by the Mediterranean and the biggest in Spain” having an area of 16,200 square metre and including two ski slopes, one of 100m for beginners and another of 250m for more advanced skiers and boarders.
Snow and Trade President, Jafaar Jalabi, said that the sports facilities in the centre will boost the tourist attractiveness of Valencia, making it Europe’s only city of sun and beach in which it will be possible to practice winter sports on natural, perpetual snow.
Neutopía still requires all necessary construction permits from the Valencian authorities. Mr Jalabi believes that if these are granted as smoothly and rapidly as realistically possible, the centre could be complete and operational by 2008.
Along with the ski centre the complex will include a 14 screen cinema and 4.000 parking squares. It is expected to create 12,000 jobs and attract about 15 million visitors a year.
Spain Begins the Switch to Digital TV
Spain will seek to become one of the first European markets to switch fully from analogue to digital television, following sweeping reforms to the broadcasting industry.
The target for completion is 2010, the change in technology poses a huge challenge to existing operators, analysts say. Advertising will have to be more closely targeted, to take into account the increasing fragmentation of audiences across a greater choice of channels, however it will also give rise to business opportunities, as digital broadcasting is expected to spur the development of interactive television.
The new regulatory framework for Spain's broad-casting industry was one of the most eagerly awaited reforms of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero's year-old Socialist government, as private sector operators say existing rules have failed to keep abreast of changes in technology and are now hopelessly out of date.
Before his election, Mr Zapatero promised Spaniards a greater choice of channels and an independence charter for Radio y Televisión Española (RTVE), the loss-making state broadcaster.
Under the new framework, the Madrid government will auction seven new digital terrestrial television licences before the year's end. A nationwide transmission network for digital signals has been ready for some time, while the electronics industry in Spain says it will start marketing TV sets with integrated decoders after the summer.
"Demand for the new TV sets will take off if broadcasters can offer original content on digital television," a government media adviser said yesterday.
"That was what happened when Freeview began digital broadcasting in the UK. It now has 5,000,000 viewers."
The Spanish government has provisionally assigned eight digital channels to RTVE, to allow it to play "a key role in the transition to digital broadcasting".
Spain to Increasing Spending on Research and Development
The Prime Minister, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, appears to be following a lead from Tony Blair and has announced that Spain will be spending 2% of her Gross Domestic Product on research and development. The plan is called 'Compromiso Ingenio 2010' and intends to put Spain in the top ten European countries for research. It amounts to a budget of 2,800 million € between now and 2010.
Strict Alcohol Ban over Three Days of Bulgaria´s Elections 2005
Official bans on the sale and distribution of liquor will span the days of Elections 2005, though over a different length of time.
Capital Sofia has already seen the introduction of the ban since Thursday midnight, which will last until 8 a.m. on Sunday. This is the longest alcohol sale ban throughout the country.
In Plovdiv, the country's second largest city, liquor cannot be sold from 8 a.m. on June 24 until 8 a.m. on June 26.
The Black Sea's cities Varna and Burgas will introduce the temporary ban on liquor sale at 8 p.m. on Saturday and end it on the next morning at 8 and 10 a.m. respectively.
The ban does not cover wholesale trade and sale of alcohol on occasions such as weddings, funerals, etc.
Microsoft Releases a New Warning Bar to its MSN Hotmail Users' Accounts
The new warning bar will display an alert if an incoming e-mail does not have the Sender ID e-mail authentication technology developed by Microsoft. This move is part of the software giant's efforts to pressure ISPs and e-mail providers to adopt Microsoft's technology for filtering spam. The company stated that the new "safety bar" will 'alert customers to potential deceptive e-mail messages.'
Sender ID is a technology to verify the authenticity of e-mail by verifying the validity of the server it originated from. Any e-mail destined for a Hotmail address without a Sender ID will be flagged as potential spam.
Product unit manager for MSN Hotmail Kevin Doerr explained the company's move. "Deploying Sender ID on the MSN Hotmail service allows Microsoft to move to the next level of protection, which is to provide information about suspicious e-mails to recipients."
Ray Everett-Church, of the Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial E-mail, thinks that Microsoft's plan could end up hurting Internet users instead of helping.
Everett-Church told News.com that "Microsoft has been trying to shove Sender ID down the throats of the Internet community for several years now, to little effect. Sender ID isn't widely deployed, meaning that average users are now at risk for having their legitimate e-mail tagged as spam when they send messages to Hotmail users."
E-mail providers that don't adopt Microsoft's Sender ID technology will have their customers' e-mails flagged as spam if sent to a Hotmail address.
RSS Delivery System Convinces Microsoft
Microsoft's upcoming operating system will make it easier for users to subscribe to online news feeds and for developers to work with those feeds in creative ways, company officials said..
Microsoft made the announcement at a conference in Seattle dedicated to new communications technologies. Much of the talk cantered on RSS, a system that automates the delivery of Web content to e-mail inboxes and other locations.
RSS is mostly used to distribute postings from news sites and online Web logs to subscribers. When a site is updated with new content, RSS automatically delivers it to them. 1Casa will implement this as soon as it is available.
Gold Medal for Spain in Mediterranean Games
Spain wins its first gold medal in the Mediterranean Games taking place in Almería.  The medal was won by Iván Leal Reglero in karate in the up to 80 kilos competition.
Nadal Defeated at Wimbledon
Rafael Nadal slipped to defeat at Wimbledon on Thursday with a four sets defeat by Luxembourg's Gilles Muller.
The 19-year-old Spaniard, who won the French Open title earlier this month, lost his second round match 6-4 4-6 6-3 6-4.
After losing the opening set Nadal fought back to level, but he never looked at ease against an Muller.
Nadal surrendered his serve with a costly double fault at 3-4 in the third set and a single break of serve in the fourth was enough for Muller to clinch the win.
Russian Star Marat Safin Eliminated by Spaniard at Wimbledon
Spain's Feliciano Lopez beat Marat Safin's in the third round at Wimbledon. Safin, who threatened to stop trying at Wimbledon after losing in the first round last year, entered this year's tournament upbeat and easily won his first two matches. But the fifth-seeded Russian was outserved by Lopez and quickly became so frustrated he launched a ball onto the Court 1 roof in anger, prompting a warning from the chair umpire.
Lopez was watched by his doubles partner and fellow Spaniard Rafael Nadal.
Alonso at Goodwood
Spain’s Fernando Alonso, leader of the F1 world championship, will drive Renault's R24 F1 car from last year at the Goodwood Festival of Speed (24-26 June).  
Alonso will make his Goodwood debut on Sunday and is joined by a host of F1 stars, including Jenson Button, David Coulthard, Takuma Sato, Olivier Panis and Anthony Davidson. Also attending for the first time is four-times World Champion Alain Prost, who is due to drive his title-winning 1989 McLaren-Honda MP4/5.
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