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XXXII Festival of Singing – Alora
The Cuna de la Malagueña will be held at the Municipal Swimming Pool, Alora next Saturday 20 August at 11.00 pm.  There will be singing and guitar playing.  The event is organised by Peña Flamenca de Alora.
Campillos Feria 2005
The Campillos Feria de Agosto takes place this week between 11 and 14 August.  Ferias are also taking place this weekend in Valle de Abdalajís, Pizarra, Coín, Tolox, Archidona and Almogía among others.
Antequera Flamenco Night
The XX Antequera Flamenco Night takes place this Saturday August 13 at 10.30 pm in the Plaza de Santa María. Performing will be El Cabrera and La Susi as well as Antoñito Contreras and José Antonio Camino with musicians Pedro Sierra, Manuel de Palma, Niño Chaparro and Antonio Migueles.
Last week the President of the Provincial Government, Salvador Pendón, and the Mayor of the town, Vicente Jiménez, inaugurated the renovated park of Cortina Estación, in which 60,000 euros have been invested.  A new children’s playground that meets all European directives has also been built in the village.
A hospital specialising in medulla injuries is to be built in Coín under an agreement reached last week between the Town Hall and Diamar Sanitaria SL.The only other hospital that specialises in this type of medicine is situated in Toledo. Although the hospital will be private, the agreement envisages that residents of Coín will be able to use it for any type of medical emergency. The hospital will have 240 beds, four operating theatres and two emergency rooms. An hotel, adjoining the hospital, will be built for the use of the relatives of patients.
Visitors to Coín for this week's feria will be pleasantly surprised by Calle Vacario, which has been closed to traffic for several weeks while remodelling works were being done.  The local council had said the work would be finished in time for the feria and, as of last Saturday, workmen were putting the finishing touches to the street, such as making sure all the cobblestones were even and all the drains and electrical cables were properly sealed.  One side of the street is now lined by benches and saplings, which will provide shade when fully grown and there is a new fountain. 
Municipal Golf Course in Benalmádena
Andalucia's first municipal golf course is to begin operating in September in Benalmádena.  It will have nine holes and eight bowling greens, and has cost €3.5 million euros.  The project has also created 30 jobs for local people.
TAPAS Seeks Actors
A recruitment drive is underway by the junior members of The Alhaurín Performing Arts Society (TAPAS) to find more boys to participate in future productions.  Junior Tapas meets every Wednesday evening, from 5 pm to 8.30 pm at Sol Andalusi.  Anyone interested should contact Kelly on 657 108 396.
Flamingoes at Fuente de Piedra
There was no flamingo chick ringing programme this year at Fuente de Piedra due to the most serious drought in the last ten years.  Since October the nature reserve has only received 212.4 litres of rainfall when the average is 450 litres.
It is normal for the lake to dry up in August, but the fact that it dried up so early this year meant that the chick ringing could not take place, something that has not happened since the drought of 1995. “Flamingoes are birds that adapt perfectly to dry periods and if the conditions aren’t good enough for them they simply go somewhere else”, explains Manuel Rendón, the director-warden, who trusts that the ringing will take place again next year. “We are talking about a long-lived species and if they don’t reproduce one year, they will the next”, he adds.
Since the Junta de Andalucía started the flamingo chick ringing programme in 1984, this has only been cancelled four other times when the drought conditions were similar to the present ones.
Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith Arrive in Marbella
The couple met the press yesterday on Antonio's 45th birthday, at the doors of the house, 'La Gaviota' in Urbanisation Los Monteros.
Local press and photographers wanted to give the couple a cake of reconciliation, given that the Banderas family have not greeted the press for some years, as they have been bombarded round the clock in Marbella.
During August, Benalmádena’s cable railway organises trips to Mount Calamorro to view the stars from the top every Monday and Wednesday night.  A number of experienced astronomers are teaching those present to view stars, galaxies, other planets, constellations and the moon from a position 800 metres above sea level. These sessions start at 10 pm and finish at 11.30 pm. The astronomers use complex telescopes, projectors and screens to view the sky above.
IKEA Planned for Malaga
Ikea has submitted plans for the use of 18,000 sqm of land for a store in Malaga.  The store will be located at Plaza Mayor and is projected to open at the end of 2006.  Also planned is a new large garden centre in the same area.
Roman Theatre Malaga
The Roman Theatre of Malaga has installed lights at the so that the public can enjoy the scene at night. The Provincial Delegate of Cultura de la Junta, Francisco López, emphasized that with this lighting, the theatre "is converted at night into a magnificent monument". 
New Traffic Patrol Cars in Malaga
Next month new cars equipped with cameras that detect traffic offences will be patrolling the city. The technology used records the number plates of cars that occupy the bus lane, that are badly parked and even those that are stolen. The use of these patrol cars is shared between the local police and the public transport company, EMT. They will be used at peak times, to fine vehicles and lorries that use bus and taxi lanes or double park. The cars will have a blue and white design.
Help in Hospital
Málaga’s Carlos Haya Hospital is introducing multi-lingual information points in each of its buildings. Patients can obtain assistance in English, French, German and Arabic, as well as the Moroccan dialect Cherja, while thought is being given to adding Chinese and Russian. The province of Málaga is home to 35 per cent of the non-Spanish population of Andalucía, while foreign patients made up almost a fifth of those treated at Carlos Haya last year.
Euro Millions Jackpot Winner in Spain
Dolores McNamara who won the record £79 million Euro Millions lottery jackpot is planning a life of luxury in Spain.  She has been holidaying in Marbella on the Costa del Sol and talking to property developers about building herself a £2 million mountain villa.
Euromillions tickets are also sold in the UK, Austria, Belgium, Portugal, France, Luxembourg, and Spain.
Spanish Police Shut Down Movie Web Site
A web site that let users exchange pirated moves has been shut down and its four creators have been arrested, Spanish police said Thursday.
The association representing Spain's recording industry estimated that the site, cvcdgo.com, attracted 11.2 million visitors between its February 2004 launch and May this year. The site featured illegal copies of newly released movies, some of them illicitly recorded in movie theatres.
Earlier this year, the Spanish government approved a plan aimed at curbing the country's thriving trade in bootleg video and music recordings, setting up a special police unit.
Gay Marriage with Foreigners is Allowed in Spain
Spain's Justice Ministry has ruled that citizens can marry a same-sex partner who is foreign, even if that person's home country would not legally recognise the marriage.
The action resolves the first snag seen in Spain's new gay marriage law, which came to light after a Spanish man was denied the right to marry his Indian partner in a court in Cataluña.
A statement published in the Official State Bulletin says, 'A marriage between a Spaniard and a foreigner, or between foreigners of the same sex resident in Spain, shall be valid as a result of applying Spanish material law, even if the foreigner's national legislation does not allow or recognise the validity of such marriages'.  However some judges still consider that the new legislation may be unconstitutional and may take it to the Constitutional Court.
Newcastle to Play Málaga in the Trophy Costa del Sol
Newcastle, the Premiership side, will play Malaga in the Trophy Costa del Sol on 2 September in the Rosaleda stadium at 10.00 pm
The tournament is being recovered after more than twenty years absence.  Ticket prices are expected to be between €20 and €30.
Liverpool F.C. Make History in Spanish National Team Selection
Liverpool F.C. are contributing four players to the Spanish national team when they play a friendly game against Uruguay next week.  This figure is more than any other football club contribution.  The players are Xavi Alonso, Morientes, Luis García and Reina.
Malaga Wins Boat Race
The Real Club Mediterráneo won the three way competition over 1.8 km against Oxford and Cambridge in Malaga harbour this week.  Oxford were second and Cambridge third.  The event had a great atmosphere and an excellent response from the public.
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