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Álora's Old Town Feria
The Local Neighbours Association are holding their annual Feria this weekend in Plaza Baja Lower Square.  Festivities began last night with a concert and there will be further events taking place over the weekend.  There are bars and refreshments available including the distribution of free paella during the day.
Honour of Our Lady of Flowers
The annual celebration of the Patroness of Álora, Nuestra Señora de Flores, will take place in Álora over the next 2 weeks from 28 August to 11 September 2005. There will be processions through the town honouring the Patroness when her statue is brought from the Convento de las Flores this Sunday.
Demolition of the Old Health Centre
The demolition of the old health centre on Avenida de Cervantes took place this week, expanding the adjacent park by more than 1,000 square meters. Following the demolition the eucalyptus trees situated on the embankment under the park will be cut down.
This demolition is the beginning of the complete restructuring that is going to affect the centre of Álora's urban area. There will be major changes in the next two years to the centre of the town including the park of the Cancula, Avenida de Cervantes and others.
24 Hour Local Police Number Álora
The 24 hour telephone number for the Álora local police is 952 49 80 32. This number can also be used for reporting water leaks etc.
Water Restrictions Planned for Costa Del Sol
The Junta de Andalucia, the regional government, has said that the lack of water on the Costa del Sol has reached an alarming level. It says that consumption has continued to increase without control, despite the recommendations given, and that the current reserves do not guarantee the supply through the autumn. The Environment Department of the regional government is now drawing up a drought decree which is expected to come into force next month and which make the previous recommendations into obligatory law. A new crisis meeting is to be held in Málaga on the matter.
Antonio Banderas to Direct a Film In Malaga
The Málaga-born actor, Antonio Banderas, confirmed that shooting of the new film, titled ‘El Camino de los Ingleses’ (The English Road), will begin in Malaga this autumn. The film will be the second to be directed by Banderas. His first, titled ‘Crazy in Alabama,’ was made in English. The film will have a budget of €5.5 million. Banderas told journalists that filming will start in the week beginning 14 November 2005.
Biennial Of Flamenco
The tickets for the biennial "Malaga in Flamenco" are now on sale. The tickets for the first edition of the biennial "Malaga in Flamenco", which will take place between September 14 and November 12, this year, were put on sale this week by the businesses responsible for their distribution. El Corte Inglés suffered technical problems with telephone purchases and Internet purchases could not begin immediately. "Malaga in Flamenco" is organized by the Provincial Delegation, and will take place in the Theatre Cervantes and the Theatre Cánovas of Malaga or the Prince of Asturias Auditorium.
Andalusia Obtained Record Number of Tourists in July
Andalusia has beaten its record of tourists in the month of July, reaching the 2.9 million visitors, 13% more than in the same month of the previous year.
More Than 300 Experts Gather in Malaga in a World Congress of Programmers of Free Software
More than 300 experts will gather in Malaga until 4 September in the world congress of programmers of a free software called "aKademy 2005". The meetings will take place in the Upper Technical School (ETS) of Data Processing Engineering of the University of Malaga (UMA) and will convert the city into the "capital of the technological world".
The Junta de Andalusia reported in a communiqué that it is a congress of developers and users of KDE, a free software project that provides a system of programs and Internet.
Likewise, the congress emphasized the support of the Junta de Andalusia to this project, which forsees "a continuation of the politics of impulse and disclosure of the free software developing in the Department of Innovation, Science and Business since its creation and especially through Guadalinex". They indicated, by means of a communiqué, that the cultural and technological event will bring together the main programmers of the entire world related to the project KDE.
Chinese President to Visit Malaga in November
The president of China, Hu Jintao, will visit Spain in November to coincide with the first Forum and Exposition of Science and Technology, that will take place in the Palace of Fairs and Congresses of Malaga and in which nearly 300 Spanish and Chinese businesses will participate.
The objective will be "to fortify the cooperation among the businesses and to favour the transfer of technology" between the countries. The visit of the Chinese leader to Spain follows last month's trip to China by president José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero.
Spain to Exhibit Persia’s "Forgotten Empire" in 2006
The exhibition "Forgotten Empire: The World of Ancient Persia" is to be held in Barcelona in 2006 after its run in London.
According to Spain’s EFE News Agency, the exhibition will display the ancient artifacts of the Achaemenid era at the Kaisha Foundation next year.
Experts believe that the exhibition "Forgotten Empire: The World of Ancient Persia" will be the largest of its kind on the history of the Achaemenid dynasty.
About 400 artifacts will be put on display from the collections of Iranian museums such as the National Museum of Iran and the Persepolis and Hegmataneh (Ecbatana) museums and from the Louvre and the British Museum.
Private Sector to Fund Green Energy Plan
The private sector is to finance the bulk of the Spanish government's plans to make the country cut its reliance on traditional fuels and increase production of reusable energy. Seventy-seven percent of the cost of the government's Reusable Energy Plan, between 2005-10, will be paid by private companies involved – an estimated €18 billion.
The companies involved in making this programme a reality by carrying out construction and technological work will also pay 20 percent of the total costs or €4.7bn.
The Spanish government is to offer public help of €680m, 2.9 percent of the total. The companies will be offered tax help to invest in reusable energy. The Socialist government wants to wean the country off its dependency on crude oil and carbon fuels and to increase the use of solar, wind and water energy. The plan aims to raise the proportion of energy from reusable sources to 12.1 percent by 2010.
Both Greenpeace and Ecologists in Action have criticised the plan as "insufficient" and "unambitious", though they do acknowledge that the government's objectives have improved.
Internet Scam
The Spanish Association of Internet Users has discovered at least five web pages designed to fraudulently obtain a client’s bank details, PIN numbers and online banking codes through mobile phone card recharging offers. Users are tempted by the offer of paying 20 euros and obtaining 50 per cent free, however, the form to be filled in asks for information such as the client’s PIN number or their code for online banking. Users are then faced with a message telling them the service had not been successful and that they should try again later. Their bank details however had already fallen into the hands of the con men. The association has warned that a PIN number is not needed to make a purchase online and that users should make sure they are on a secure site before giving their bank details. The websites detected were recargas-express.com, recargatusaldo .com, recarga-prepago.com, recarga-t.org and recargas-epagado.net
Build A New Life - Channel Five is Looking for British People in Spain
Build A New Life is returning to FIVE for a second series and is looking for hands on British people who are about to relocate in Spain. If you are starting a new job or business abroad and restoring or converting an old building to be your home, FIVE would like to hear from you.
If you make it onto the show, you’ll be guided every step of the way by architect presenter George Clarke, who will provide seasoned advice and vital moral support as you work towards achieving your new lifestyle. Build a New Life is George's third series for Five. He's also brought his knowledge to both Property Dreams and A Dream Home Abroad. Time and time again, his expertise proves indispensable.
Each programme begins with George learning of the dreams and aspirations for the new home and business. Where possible, the programme will follow people as they finalise designs, hunt down local builders and get their projects underway. Once the build gets going the programme really gets into full swing, following jobs and businesses as they get underway and how people manage the challenge of settling into a new culture.
Build A New Life is on Channel Five on a Thursday at 9.00pm
If you know of an interesting project, please contact the producers on 0871 210 8872 or email build@shinelimited.com .
More information can be found on the Five website: www.five.tv/programmes/buildanewlife
La Liga Kicks Off This Weekend
The Spanish football season kicks off this weekend with a full programme. Malaga play tomorrow away to Celta Vigo.
Champions League
The draw for the first round of the Champions League, which is played out in mini-league format, has taken place. Barcelona and Real Madrid avoided the big clubs, and both should be strong enough to reach the last sixteen. The other two Spanish sides have tough draws, in particular, Betis who are paired with reigning champions Liverpool and English champions Chelsea as well as Anderlecht. Villarreal will play Manchester United. The first matches kick off on 13 September.
Cycling-ProTour Boosts Tour of Spain Field
Cycling's new ProTour competition has proved a major boost to the Tour of Spain which gets underway on Saturday with a record number of foreign teams taking part. Twenty-two teams line up in Granada on Saturday, four from France and Italy and two each from Belgium and Germany. Teams from the United States, Denmark, the Netherlands and Switzerland as well as six home-grown squads complete the peloton. The ProTour, introduced this season in a re-organisation of professional cycle racing, features 30 races through the year, among them the three major Tours. The Tour of Spain finishes on September 18th in Madrid.
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