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Exhibition of Quixote
There will be an exhibition of Quixote in Room 1 at the Casa de Cultura, Alora from 22 May until 2 June. Monday to Friday from 10.00 am to 2.00 pm and 5.00 pm until 8.00 pm.
Grand Circus of Nevada
The circus is at the Bariada de Puente, Alora from 19 May until 21 May with performances from 8.30 pm.
Jazz Evening
There will be a Jazz evening in Alora on Monday 29 May from 8.00 pm until 11.00 pm at the Pena Barcelonista (Barcelona Football Supporters Club). Featuring top Spanish Jazz Pianist, Diego Suarez and others.  Admission €6.
Tenth Fiesta of the Orange
Coin celebrates the popular Fiesta of the Orange this weekend. The inauguration takes place tonight at 9.30 pm in Alameda Plaza. Sunday the day's activities begin at 11.00 am with the traditional fireworks that welcome the fiesta. At 1.00 pm there will be musical groups and popular dances that will continue throughout the day. Typical food dishes will be boiled soup, traditional orange salad and wine.
Water Improvements for Pizarra
Pizarra Town Hall has begun work on improvements to the water-supply system from the Rio Grande well to the town centre. The project comes under the local Emergency Drought Programme, which has already seen improvements to the systems in the districts of Zalea and Cerralba. The work is expected to take up to three weeks, during which residents may experience some temporary water cuts, say officials.
Thieves Arrested at Antequera Opium Plantation
One Spaniard and seven Italians have been arrested by police in Antequera for taking resin from an opium plantation. The legal plantation is used by pharmaceutical companies which use the opium in some of their drugs. Police say those arrested took 400 grams of the resin with the intention of extracting the drug later.
Encouraging News for the Iberian Lynx
The ’LIFE’ programme promoted by the Junta de Andalucía to protect the Iberian lynx has been confirmed a success this year with news that eight lynx cubs have been born in the Donana National Park. It gives hope that the species’ declining birth rate in the National Park is improving; last year only one cub was born.
One of this year’s births was right in the heart of the park, in the Donana Biological Reserve, where the two cubs will be benefit from the best protection, away from the two main threats to their existence, man and traffic. The other births were in areas with LIFE support programmes for the lynx, where rabbit colonies (the lynx's food source) have been created along with supplementary food and water supplies. The land is also being managed to provide the cover the lynx favours for hunting.
2005 A Record Year for Tourism on Costa del Sol
Last year was a record for the Costa del Sol as far as tourism was concerned, with more than 9 million visitors over the year and an increase in numbers for the first time in three years. Total tourist spending was also up, by nearly 14% to 3.96 billion Euros. Juan Fraile, President of the Costa del Sol Tourist Board, said the average spend per tourist last year on the coast was 843 Euros almost 5% more than in 2004.  There are now more than 1,000 hotels on the coast with a total of 136,945 beds.
Archaeological Find in Malaga Province
Archaeologists have uncovered a Visigoth cemetery in the north of Malaga province, which they say is one of the largest in Southern Spain. The cemetery is thought to date back to between the 5th and 7th Century. The discovery was made on the Parque Guadalteba archaeological dig, in an area of only 500 square metres. The archaeologists believe there may be around 1,200 graves in the area.
World Philatelic Exhibition 2006 in Malaga to Exhibit Queen Elizabeth's Stamp Collection
Malaga is to host the World Philatelic Exhibition 2006 from 7 to 13 October. The event will include the first public exhibition of part of Queen Elizabeth II’s private stamp collection, considered to be one of the most important collections in the world. The exhibition is expected to attract hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world. It will show collections from more than one hundred countries. Exhibition marquees will be set up all over Malaga city centre and the port for visitors to enjoy the exhibits.
Columbus’s Remains Are Buried in Spain
Scientists have confirmed that at least some of Christopher Columbus's remains were buried inside a Spanish cathedral, a discovery that could help end a century-old debate over the explorer's final resting place. A forensic team led by Spanish geneticist Jose Antonio Lorente compared DNA from bone fragments buried in a cathedral in Seville with DNA extracted from remains known to be from Columbus' brother Diego, who is also buried in the southern Spanish city.
Marcial Castro, the Seville-area historian and high school teacher who masterminded the project said "There is an absolute matchup between the mitochondrial DNA we have studied from Columbus' brother and Christopher Columbus." He spoke a day before the 500th anniversary Saturday of Columbus' death in the northern Spanish city of Valladolid.
Both Spain and the Dominican Republic claim to be in possession of Columbus's remains and the Dominicans have dismissed the findings and insist that Columbus was buried in the Dominican Republic. Columbus's body was moved several times after his death so both countries could conceivably possess part of the explorer's body.
Spanish Flu Survivor Donates Blood to Help in Development of Bird Flu Vaccine
An American woman of 92 years old who survived the Spanish flu in 1918 has donated vials of her blood to medical researchers who are trying to develop more effective vaccines against bird flu. Dorothy Horsch was in kindergarten when she contracted the illness, which killed 20 million to 40 million people worldwide. All of her family, mother, father and sister contracted the illness and all four survived. Horsch's blood will be part of a catalogue of blood and bone marrow samples being compiled by a San Francisco company which hopes to track changes in the virus that might help develop better vaccines.
Spain Wins Competition for Tsunami Memorial
A team of Spanish architects have been chosen to design the memorial in Thailand in memory of the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami. An international jury chose the design, beating an Australian entry. The winning concept is of a cluster of five towers that are to be set in the forest at Khao Lak in southern Thailand.
The design was chosen instead of one put forward by a team of architects from the University of Western Australia which would have included a circular display of hundreds of lights set in shallow water just off the beach in the same area. Entries were submitted from around the world and five finalists were chosen.
Primark Opens Store in Spain
The budget fashion chain store, Primark, opened its first store outside the UK and Ireland yesterday in a new Madrid shopping centre, taking on its Spanish rival Zara in its home country. Primark is surrounded by Zara and seven other boutiques run by Inditex, parent company of the fashion chain.
Almodovar Receives Rave Reviews at Cannes
Spanish film director, Pedro Almodovar’s latest film, 'Volver', received a standing ovation at the Cannes Film Festival, the first in this year’s festival, and the rave reviews have started to flow. A critic described the film as the most authentic Almodovar yet.  Many consider 'Volver' now to be favourite to win the coveted Golden Palm award. Almodovar, has also been named as the winner of the 2006 Prince of Asturias Prize for the Arts.
Spain Launches "Africa Plan" to Stem the Flow of Illegal Immigrants
Spain has launched a diplomatic offensive to stem the flow of illegal immigrants who have been risking their lives making the dangerous crossing from West Africa to the Canary islands, so far this year 7,000 migrants have arrived in the islands which they see as a launch pad to finding work in Europe.
As Spain's deputy prime minister Maria Teresa Fernandes de la Vega noted: "We are a first-world country bordering the third world. Just a few miles away there lies the poorest, impoverished continent, forgotten and neglected."
With its three-year Africa Plan, Spain aims to improve aid to the poorer African countries and persuade sub-Saharan countries to accept more deportees, it also wants more European aid to these countries, arguing that if there were more work opportunities at home, Africans would have less incentive to leave.
New Spanish Dictionary of Insults Published
A new dictionary containing just insults, has just been published in Spanish. Put together by two Argentineans, journalist Sergio Bufano and poet, Jorge Perednik, it contains some of the most popular expressions from both Spain and Latin America. 'Diccionario de la Injuria', was put together after four years of research.
Sports News
A good week last week for Spanish sport with Fernando Alonso winning the Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona; Barcelona becoming European Champions after winning the European Cup Final against Arsenal and Rafael Nadal beating Roger Federer in Rome. Sadly, Malaga football team put on a poor show for their final game of the season to lose 5 - 0 away to Cadiz.
A Topical Digest of News and Views from the Andalucia Area in Spain
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