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Cristina Sanchez
1Casa News from Spain - No. 88
A Topical Digest of News and Views from the Andalucia Area in Spain
Cristina Sanchez 
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The Changing Face of the Plaza Fuente Arriba
The work to restructure Plaza Fuente Arriba began with the removal of the Lion fountain on Friday 14 July.  The Town Planning office has already finished the project plans for the restructuring of plaza which will include two new fountains and a pedestrian area with trees, benches and pergolas.  The plaza will also become a no parking zone although it will still be a right of way for traffic. The reforms form part of a project of town planning that will change all the centre of Alora.
Alora Feria Programme for 2006
Tuesday 1st August
Fun Fair at the Football Ground, all attractions at half price.
Wednesday 2nd August
21.30 Plaza Baja - start of the procession of the Giants and the Big Heads accompanied by the Alora Municipal Band
22.00 Plaza Santa Ana - Opening speech of the 2006 Feria by Salvador Pendón Muñoz (Chairman of the Malaga District Council)
22.20 Official Opening of Feria 2006 by the Mayor of Alora, Jose Sánchez Moreno and the President of Feria 2006, Salvador Pendón Muñoz.
22.30 El Hacho School - Opening of the (Caseta Municipal) Stand of the Parents of Disabled Children.
23.00 El Hacho School - Exhibition of regional and contemporary dancing by the Alora Municipal Dance School.
23.00 Municipal Sports Hall - Opening of the Children’s Stand Go-Gós with decorations, music, lights, games, giant screens etc.
Thursday 3rd August
13.00 Plaza Fuente Arriba - Official Opening of the daytime Feria.
19.00 Caseta Municipal - Party of the Third Age - free almond water ice and churros for senior citizens. A performance of popular music and the election of Grandmother and Grandfather of alora. Sponsored by Caixa, Cajamar and Caja Rural of Granada.
20.00 Fuente Arriba - Music, water spray and presents.
22.00 Caseta Municipal - Orchestras `The Family´ and `Kalambre´ dancing.
23.00 Municipal Sports Hall - decorations, music, lights, games, giant screens etc. for children.
23.15 Caseta Municipal - Exhibition of regional and contemporary dancing by the Alora Municipal Dance School.
00.15 El Hacho School - Presentation of Prize to the creator of the Feria Poster Juan Ramón Reina Vera.
00.30 Coronation of the Child King and Queen of Feria 2006.
00.40 Coronation of the King and Queen of Feria 2006.
Friday 4th August
11.00 Caseta Municipal - Dance performance of regional and modern dances by local group El Rejunte.
13.00 Fuente Arriba - Music, water spray and presents.
22.30 Orchestras `The Family´ and `Kalambre´ dancing.
23.00 Municipal Sports Hall - decorations, music, lights, games, giant screens etc. for children.
01.00 A play - Los Moles
Saturday 5th August
10.00 Restaurante Fuente Nueva - horse and gig driving while singing competition.
13.00 Fuente Arriba - Music, water spray and presents.
14.00 Barriada Ulriqui - free Alora Soup and a beer or wine.
18.00 Caseta Municipal - Children’s Party, free ice cream, music and games. Performance by Maria Figueroa and free pompoms to accompany the singer in popular songs.
20.00 Fuente Arriba - Music, water spray, presents and a performance by popular group `Olé´.
22.30 Caseta Municipal - Orchestras `The Family´ and `Kalambre´ dancing.
23.00 Municipal Sports Hall - decorations, music, lights, games, giant screens etc. for children.
00.00 Caseta Municipal - Batakuda - music and dancing Caribbean style.
Sunday 6th August
13.00 Fuente Arriba - Music, water spray and presents.
13.00 Plaza Baja - Exhibition of sport by David Fernández Cháves, twice Champion of Andalucia, 4th in National Spain.
22.30 Fuente Arriba - Music, water spray and presents.
23.00 Municipal Sports Hall - decorations, music, lights, games, giant screens etc. for children.
00.00 Caseta Municipal - Concert by the Orchestra of the programme of Juan Imedio (Canal Sur) with Rocío Cortés
01.30 Grand exhibition of Fireworks to close the 2006 Feria.
Also the Cultural Association `Álora, La bien cercada´ in Calle Carmona has a Flamenco performance on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
Concert by Melendi
The very popular singer Melendi will be performing at the Football Ground at 22.00 on Wednesday 23rd July. Alora considers itself very lucky to have this famous singer performing in the town. Tickets can be bought at the Casa de la Cultura, Bar D´kañas and El Corte Inglés for 10 Euros. At the door for 12 Euros.
New Football Ground
The Alora Council have approved the plans for the new football ground. It will cost approximately 1,103,119 euros and is being financed by the Ministry of Tourism and Sport. The present ground will be completely demolished to build a new modern sport facility with astro-turf to enable all weather playing. It is expected that the work will take 6 months and will be ready for use in the spring of 2007.
24th Festival of Flamenco and 17th Memorial 'Pepe de la Isla'
The Festival of Flamenco will take place next Friday 28 July in the Plaza Bermudez de la Rubia, Coin.  The event starts at 10.30 pm.
Cordoba to Antequera AVE Line to be in Service December 2006
The Development Minister has announced that the Cordoba to Antequera stretch of the new AVE high speed rail link with Malaga will be operational in December this year.  The Minister was one of the first passengers to travel on the line after 15 trial runs were successfully carried out. She confirmed that 99% of the work on this 100 kilometre stretch is complete and that the entire line from Cordoba to Malaga will be in service by the end of 2007. The service is expected to carry 700,000 passengers a year and the ticket price from Malaga to Madrid when the AVE is completed will be 69 € compared with the current fare of 58 € on the Talgo.
Malaga Churriana Link Road
A meeting in Madrid last week between the Development Minister and the Mayor of Malaga looked at ways to improve traffic round the city.  A figure of 2.33 million Euros is to be spent on a new connection between the N-340 and the road to Churriana with the town hall also making a new access road to the Plaza Mayor retail complex. A new road between Guadalmar and Churriana will allow for more building in the area, for example the new Ikea.
Málaga Bull Ring Robbed
Thieves stole 90,000 Euros comprised of takings in a robbery on Malaga's bull ring early last Wednesday morning.  Police say the robbery was very well planned as the thieves waited until the night security guard had gone off duty at 6am. The thieves left behind un-numbered tickets which could not be sold on.
‘El Camino de Los Ingéses’ - Banderas' Film Delayed
Antonio Banderas new film ‘El Camino de Los Ingéses’ will not be presented at the Venice Film Festival as he had hoped due to repeated production delays.  The festival takes place at the beginning of September and it is not clear when the film will first be shown.  Plans to show the film to the public in the autumn may also be delayed, but Banderas has promised that the first place to see the film will be the Cervantes Theatre in Malaga.
400th Burger King Opens in Spain
The 400th Burger King restaurant has opened in Spain.  It is in the shopping centre Zona Este in Sevilla. Burger King entered the Spanish market in 1975.
Tourist numbers in Spain for the first six months of the year were 25.5 million people, which is a 6% increase on the same time last year. The main destinations are Andalucia, Cataluña, the Canary Islands and the Balearics with Britons and Germans the highest number of visitors.  The Madrid region enjoyed the greatest growth, up nearly 17% with the Valencia region the only one of Spain's main tourist areas to see a drop in numbers.
Oil from Plankton?
Bio Fuel Systems, a Spanish company, has claimed that it has developed a method of breeding plankton and turning the marine plants into oil.  This discovery could provide a potentially inexhaustible source of clean fuel.  Vehicle tests are some time away because the company has not yet tried refining the crude oil the phytoplankton eventually become.  Bio Fuel Systems is a wholly Spanish firm, formed this year in eastern Spain after three years of research by scientists and engineers connected with the University of Alicante.  "Bio Fuel Systems has developed a process that converts energy, based on three elements: solar energy, photosynthesis and an electromagnetic field," it said in a press dossier. Bio Fuel Systems is working with scientists at the University of Alicante on the project. It has drawn up industrial plans to make the fuel and says it will be able to start continuous production in 14 to 18 months.
Spanish Social Survey
The average Spaniard is married, Catholic, owns their own house and earns 1,122 Euros a month, according to a new survey.   The Centre for Sociological Investigations (CIS) found that more than half of Spaniards are married 55.4% and 77% are Catholic.  Professions such as bricklaying and plumbing are more valued then being a lawyer because they pay more.  30% of middle-class Spaniards vote for the Socialist Party, are in employment (47%), have an average salary of 1,122 Euros a month and 83% own their own home.  Two out of three Spaniards live with a partner, though 3 million are not married.  The CIS survey said Spanish society is, of course, much more complicated but it threw up some surprises; being a judge or lawyer was not held in such high regard as being a bricklayer, plumber, computer worker or writer.
Malaga 3 - Birmingham City 4
Malaga lost against Birmingham City last Wednesday in the final match of Birmingham's pre-season tour in Spain.
Plymouth Argyle v Real Madrid
Plymouth Argyle played a pre-season game against Real Madrid on Friday 21 July.  The match was arranged last week after Real Madrid decided to hold a last-minute pre-season training camp in the Austrian mountains.  Beckham and most of the other Galacticos were not playing but in the end Real Madrid won 1-0 thanks to a dubious penalty for handball in the 75th minute.
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