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Cristina Sanchez
1Casa News from Spain - No. 90
A Topical Digest of News and Views from the Andalucia Area in Spain
Cristina Sanchez 
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Chinese Restaurant Coming to Alora
Malaga Feria 12 - 20 August; Campillos 21 August; Antequera 25 August and 8 September.
AVE High Speed Train
The new AVE high speed line between will give faster access to the interior of Andalucia when it comes into operation in the future.  Journey times from Antequera to Malaga will be reduced from 55 minutes to 15 minutes, Malaga to Cordoba will take 55 minutes, 40 minutes less than the current journey time and to Madrid from Malaga the journey will take 2 hours 30 minutes, a reduction of 1 hour 5 minutes.
Shopping Seven Days a Week in Malaga
Malaga’s latest commercial centre which is part of the new railway station development in the city will be the first to open seven days a week. Under Andalucian trading law, shops which are part of a station are allowed to trade on a Sunday. The new centre which is 80% complete will contain shops, a cinema and gymnasium and will remain open 365 days a year when completed at the end of 2006.
Oxford and Cambridge Rowing Teams Return to Malaga
The second International Regatta will be hosted by the Mediterraneo Sailing Club next Thursday 10 August at 6.30 pm.  On the eve of the Malaga Feria, the port will become the setting for the international rowing competition with the arrival of the crews from Oxford and Cambridge.  Both teams will compete against Malaga, represented by the Real Mediterranean Club. 
Costa del Sol Moorings More Expensive than Property
The cost of a mooring on the Costa del Sol is now more expensive than a front line apartment, in terms of cost per square metre. Housing is 1,875 Euros per square metre with a mooring being 3,357 Euros.  The most expensive port is Puerto Banus where the cost of a mooring is up to 7,832 Euros.
Temperatures in Malaga Province Top 40 Degree Mark
The notorious hot wind know as the “terral”, caused the first day of August to hit temperatures over 40 degrees in Malaga. Official statistics produced by the National Meteorological Institute confirmed that thermometers in the city centre reached 40.7 degrees - the highest recorded in the province.
Drought Controls to be Monitored by Satellite in Malaga
The Junta de Andalucia is to use a pioneering new satellite system to ensure drought restrictions are being met along the Costa del Sol. The Ikonos satellite will be able to detect the watering of land and will also be capable of detecting when swimming pools are filled.  National water levels in Spain have fallen to their lowest levels for five years, following a 1.6% fall in rainfall so far this year.
Ikea Progress
Although Ikea have not yet received a building licence for their superstore in Guadalmar, the construction company Sando have started work on levelling the land. According to Ikea sources, work on the building could begin this September once Malaga City Hall issues the appropriate licences.  The store was planned to be finished by Spring 2007 but now due to the administrative delays it is expected to open in the second half of next year.
Spain Has Highest Number of Organ Donations in the World
According to figures taken from the European Council's Commission for Transplants, Spain leads the world in terms of the number of organ donations made, with 35.1 donors per million inhabitants.  The department of health and consumers said that almost a fifth (18%) of organ donations carried out in the European Union take place in Spain.
The EU average is only 18.8 donors per million inhabitants and despite a 4% growth that is not enough to meet the needs of European health systems.  This year, only 57.5% of necessary transplants will be carried out.  In Spain,4% more transplants were carried out last year, a total of 3,828.
Greater Preventative Measures Cut Number of Forest Fires
Spanish authorities credited greater preventative measures by the government for cutting the number of forest fires by more than half this year compared to 2005.  According to ministry figures, the number of fires burning more than one hectare of forest and scrubland has dropped from 6,226 in 2005 to 2,978 in 2006 for the period 1 January to 23 July.
Authorities believe preventative measures, including the banning of barbecue fires in the countryside in many regions, campaigns to clean roadsides of rubbish and forest of leaves and fallen branches explain the huge drop in the figures.  Forest fires in Spain char hundreds of thousands of hectares of land every year.
DNA Tests Confirm Columbus's Remains in Seville
It has been confirmed that the human remains entombed in the cathedral in Seville are those of Christopher Columbus. Jose Antonio Lorente, who led the investigation team from the Genetic Identification Laboratory, said that DNA tests carried out on the incomplete skeleton left no room for doubt that they are those of the famous explorer.
Mobile Phone Roaming Charges
New price capping proposals by the European commission for 'roaming' charges could bring good news to mobile phone users travelling throughout Europe.  The new regulation could come into effect by next summer if approved in the European Parliament and will save consumers up to 70% on calls in foreign countries within the EU.
Malaga C.F.
The Sanz family officially took over the running of Malaga Football Club on Monday July 31st.  The start of the ‘Sanz era’ comes after a terrible season which the side relegated to the Segunda A division.  Malaga's first game of the season is away to Hercules on 27 August.
Hungarian Grand Prix
Ferrari appeared in charge ahead of qualifying for the Hungarian Grand Prix as Michael Schumacher and Felipe Massa were fastest in final practice.
Hungarian Grand Prix stewards have penalised world champion Fernando Alonso for an incident involving Red Bull’s Robert Doornbos during Friday practice.
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Work has now started on a restaurant, to be called Gran China, in Avenida Pablo Ruiz Picasso. It is expected to open in 3 months.
Nuevo Accesso Opens
The access road to Alora which leads to the car parks and Theatre is now open again after several months of detours through the car parks that have caused confusion and traffic hold-ups. If you are coming out of the car parks on the northern side just remember to look left as we have all got used to pulling out without looking while the road has been closed off.
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