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Cristina Sanchez
1Casa News from Spain - No. 96 16/09/06
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Today, Saturday 16 September, Avenida Cervantes will be completely closed to traffic all day due to the improvements works taking place.  Alternative access is by the Carretera de Flores and the Campo de Futbol.
Volleyball Cup
The Andalucia Male Volleyball Cup between the Unicaja Arukasur and the University of Granada will be held in the Antonio Henares Sports Centre, Alora next Sunday 24 September, starting at 12:00 noon.
Antequera Airport
The mayor of Antequera, Ricardo Millán, said yesterday that the proposed new Antequera airport, promoted by Grupo Vera, has the "verbal authorization" of Spanish Airports and Air Navigation (AENA) and Civil Aviation and now only lacks the final documentary approval to set the project in motion.
Fly 4 Less
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Thomsonfly Increases Flights to Malaga
The low cost airline, Thomsonfly, will increase the number of flights to Malaga the next summer 2007, reaching 44 weekly connections between Malaga airport and the UK.  These flights for next summer are already on sale, added to the routes that are already available.
Low Cost Airlines Consider the Business Traveller
Low cost airlines in Spain are turning their attention to the business and professional traveller. The four low cost operators in Spain, Easyjet, Ryan Air, Air Berlin and Vueling are now offering new connections at key times of the day aimed at the businessman wanting to get to European capitals.  The plans include a 7.25 am flight from Madrid to Gatwick with Easyjet, a new Madrid to Dublin service with Ryan Air, and an increase in flights to Paris and Rome by Vueling.
Cycling Promotion in Malaga
Between 16 and 24 September, the association Ruedas Redondas has organised a week of activities to promote the use of the bicycle as urban transportation.  There are discounts for the movies and the theatre, besides gifts, walks and a cycle tour through the Sierra Nevada.  September 22 will be the day of 'The city without my car'.
Malaga's New Train Station to Open Before the Year End
The new train station in Malaga will open to the public before the end of the year. The new complex includes 35,000 m2 for commercial use as well as a 222 room hotel. The new facilities will have the same capacity as Malaga airport, with 24 million travellers expected each year. Those who arrive will find easy connections to both bus and metro services in the city. 
A Quarter of New Pupils in Malaga are Foreigners
One in four new pupils starting school for the first time in Malaga province this September are foreign with Britain, Argentina, Morocco and Ecuador the main countries of origin of the children.  These youngsters will all receive extra Spanish language classes outside normal school hours.
Marbella Golf Fair
The International Golf Travel Market will be held in Marbella between the 20 and 23 November.  The fair will bring 1,200 professionals from the sport to the town.  At least 340 tour operators from 50 countries have already registered to take part in the event.
Consortium Presents Plan for Granada Cable Car
A consortium of Andalucian companies, many of them based in Granada, have officially registered a project with the Junta de Andalucía to build the longest cable car line in the world.  The project intends to link Granada city with the Sierra Nevada ski resort by 2010.  The total cost of the nineteen kilometre line will be in the region of 150 million Euros.
Taxing Times
According to a recent survey, over half of Spaniards consider that they are paying too much tax with 58% saying taxes are too high and 72% considering the tax system unfair.  They also consider that others are committing a great amount of tax fraud.  Of those surveyed, only 2% say they don't pay enough tax. These figures come from a survey on fiscal policy carried out by the CIS Centre for Sociological Investigation.
'El Cordobes' Out of Danger Following Surgery
After being gored twice in the left thigh by his first bull during last fridays' bullfight in Villanueva del Arzobispo (Jaén), Manuel Díaz 'El Cordobés' was said to be in a "stable, but serious condition" at the San Juan de la Cruz medical centre in Ubeda. The matador underwent immediate surgery at the bullring's infirmary on two deep wounds -15cm and 12cm long- on the advice of Dr Rafael Fuentes, who explained that both wounds were haemorrhaging, resulting in "severe blood loss." Díaz was recovering satisfactorily and is now reported to be "out of danger."
Evidence of Later Neanderthal Man Found in Gibraltar
An international team of scientists have found evidence of Neanderthal man in Gibraltar.  The discovery in the Gorham cave appears to indicate a more modern Neanderthal man was living in the area than previously thought; from between 32,000 and 24,000 years ago.  The work contends that Neanderthals were using the cave 2,000 years later than their presence had been firmly documented anywhere before.
Rising Seas will Devour Spain's Beaches
The signs of global warming are already to be seen in Spain, and experts are urging the authorities to re-orientate their policies before it is too late, sea level is rising 2.5 millimetres annually in Spain, according to a new study commissioned by the environment Ministry. It is expected to go up ever faster, pushing beaches backwards by an average of 15 metres by 2050.  The eastern Mediterranean coast is the most affected, but municipalities on the southern Costa del Sol coast are also trucking sand to beaches which keep disappearing partially under the waves.
Shrinking beaches could deal a big blow to tourism, one of the biggest industries in Spain, which receives some 50 million visitors annually, yet that is only one among the many challenges posed by global warming, which most Spanish scientists no longer hesitate to accept as a reality and which hits the Mediterranean region the hardest in Europe, the evidence of global warming is overwhelming,' climate expert Jose Manuel Moreno said.
'In the past 25 years, trees have begun blooming earlier,' explained Juan Jose Sanz of the Superior Council of Scientific Investigations (CSIC), migrating birds and even bees appear earlier, and trees shed their leaves later, snow is melting on the Pyrenees mountains, and African birds such as the trumpeter finch are nesting in Spain.
Temperatures of more than 40 degrees Celsius have been recorded this month, 1.5 degrees more than ever before at this time of year., the warm season now lasts for 23 days longer in Spain than three decades ago, according to a recent European study. Water levels in reservoirs plummeted this summer, cutting water supplies to villages and making farmers fear a sharp fall in crops.
TV PSOE Begins Broadcasting Via the Internet
A new TV channel has began in Spain,  TeleZapatero, is the name of the new channel for the PSOE Socialist party and will be broadcast exclusively over the Internet , it comes as the party start their party conference, the Prime Minister said the objective of the channel is to both inform and receive ideas given the interactive nature of the project.  One feature, Tarjeta Roja, will be just be for the criticism of the party, speeches made by Ministers and others will be filmed live by the channel, the party press office claimed this concept of television broadcasting is new to Spain.
Government Defends Spanish Pharmacy System
The Spanish Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs has written to the European Commission in defence of the Spanish system of pharmacies.  The Ministry states that the system offers excellent coverage, quality of service and client satisfaction.  Europe contends that the Spanish control on pharmacies is restrictive to free trade.  The Spanish population boasts a pharmacy coverage of 99%which is only bettered by Greece and Belgium.
African Illegal Immigrants Flown Back
As planes start flying illegal immigrants back from Spain, families in Senegal wait nervously to see if their relatives are among those whose bid for a new life in "fortress Europe" has been thwarted, thousands of exhausted Africans, around half from Senegal, have come ashore in flimsy wooden boats in Spain's Canary Islands this year, their skin parched by salt and sun after perilous sea crossings often lasting more than a week.
Three charter flights from the Canaries sent around 200 migrants, escorted by Spanish police, to the northern Senegalese city of Saint-Louis on Friday. Around 50 others arrived late on Thursday when a controversial repatriation programme resumed, carrying their belongings in bags, the dazed-looking young men were given a sandwich and 10,000 CFA francs by the local authorities, small consolation for those whose families had sunk all their money into paying their passage to Europe.
Remote Surveillance Pays Off!
Thieves raided a £600,000 home in Lancaster, England as the owner watched the villains on his laptop while on holiday in Spain.  John Ellison, 52, was alerted to the intruders by an automatic call from an alarm to his mobile phone whilst on holiday.  He logged on to his CCTV system via his laptop and saw the men at his home via the internet before calling police and watching the arrests live.
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Almodovar's Volver Among Spanish Shortlist for an Oscar
Volver, directed by Pedro Almodovar, Alatriste by Agustin Diaz Janes and Salvador by Manuel Herga were picked by the Spanish General Society of Authors and Editors (SGAE) were short listed this week for the nomination to represent Spain at the Oscars.
Volver, starring Penelope Cruz, tells the story of a family in Castilla La Mancha,  Alatriste, brings to life  the swashbuckling hero of the books by  Arturo Pérez-Reverte.
Salvador is the real-life tale of Salvador Puig Antich, who was the last person to be executed by General Franco in the dying days of his dictatorship.
Albacete 2 - Malaga 1
For the first time in their history Malaga lost to Albacete.  Malaga’s game this weekend against Numancia is on Saturday 16 September, kick off at 6.30 pm. They will also be playing against Ciudad Murcia on Wednesday 20 September in the first round of the King’s Cup, kick off at 9 pm.
Arrieta Sprints to Win in Spain
Spaniard Jose Luis Arrieta won stage 19 of the Tour of Spain from Jaen to Ciudad Real on Friday.  The 36-year-old Ag2R rider out-sprinted Kazakh Dimitry Fofono and Switzerland's David Loosli to claim the second victory of his career.  "After 14 years waiting, I've finally won a stage in a major tour. I've been holding back all week to try and win this stage," said Arrieta.  Kazakh Alexandre Vinokourov continues to hold the overall lead.
Playing at Home Germany Beat Spain 5-3, in Hockey World Cup Final
Germany overcame Spain by an aggregate score of 5-3 via the tie-breaker to set up a clash with Australia in the final of the 11th FIH men's hockey World Cup. During regulation play, Bjoern Emmerling (19th) and Moritz Fuerste (45th) scored for Germany while the Spanish reply came from Santiago Freixa (27th) and Alex Fabregas (46th). With the deadlock remaining even after extra-time, the penalty shootout was applied.  In the tie-breaker, Christopher Zeller, Timo Wess and Phillip Zeller converted for Germany while only Eduard Tabau was successful for Spain.
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