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Cristina Sanchez
Saturday, 30 September 2006 - No. 98
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1Casa Topical Digest of News and Views from the Andalucia Area in Spain
IV Day of the Sopas Perotas
Next Saturday, 7 October, is the fourth day of the 'Alora provides the soups, you provide the Spoon' will take place in the Plaza Baja (Lower Square) from 12 noon.   The tasting of more than 300 kilograms of sopas perotas will be accompanied by typical produce of the area including aloreña olives, cateto bread and wine.  The sopas (soups) are made from stale bread and whatever vegetables are available and are prepared in large pots to the secret recipes of the cooks.
Yoga Classes
A new Hatha Yoga class begins on Monday 2 October at El Hacho school.  The class is from 8.00 pm until 10.00 pm in the dance classroom and costs 15 Euros a month.  First class without obligation.  Wear comfortable clothes and bring a mat and towel.
The Mobile Information Centre for Emergencies
The Mobile Information Centre for Emergencies of the Junta de Andalucia will be in Alora between 3 and 6 October, 9.00 pm to 2.00 pm and 5.00 pm to 7.00 pm.  It will be parked next to the Health Centre.  The centre is an area of information and training, where one can see how the emergency services are arranged in our region.   Visitors will see how to report on the risks that affect us and to receive recommendations on how prevent accidents.  The Centre will provide information that has been developed for the campaign, including multi-media content and videos which will provide a true centre of communication.
Alora Football Ground
The Mayor of Alora, Jose Sanchez Moreno recently signed the covenant for the financing of the new football ground, Nuestra Señora de Flores, with the Counselor of Tourism, Commerce and Sport, Paulino Plata. The total budget of the work amounts to 1,103,119 Euros and will be financed by the Department of Commerce, Tourism and Sport (40%) and by the Ayuntamiento of Alora (60%).  The process of awarding of the works will begin and have a time limit of approximately 6 months. The old football ground has already been totally demolished in readiness for the replacement to be built.  The new football ground will include an astro turf pitch, an administration complex, changing rooms in the Quebraero area, 4 large changing rooms for the teams, an area for the referees, reception area and recovery room.  The administration area will include 2 offices, services and two large stores.
The Provincial Government will contribute 3.3 million of the total 9 million euros budget for the construction of the Palacio de Ferias y Congresos in the town.
Guadalhorce-Guadalteba Reservoir Tourist Plans
The Dynamic Tourist Plan of the environment of the reservoirs Guadalhorce-Guadalteba, in the province of Malaga, has begun to develop its first actions which include a new logo, webpage and a series of guides. 
This plan, prompted by the Provincial Delegation, has an investment of more than two million Euros, financed by the Junta de Andalucia and the General Office of the secretary of Tourism. It deals with the territories of Alora, Ardales, Campillos, Carratraca, Teba, Valle de Abdalajis and in Antequera, south Torcal.  As for the new initiatives, the planned logo will symbolize the landscape of the area, such as the valleys, the water and the sky, while the new web, gaitanes.es, will serve to show the visitor the project and all the resources of the area.  The page is presented in Spanish English and French.  The leaflet guides will show the most important tourist information of the area with map, descriptions and data of interest, as well as a series of images.  The objective of the plan is to accelerate the tourist growth of the area and to ensure its sustainability.
World Exhibition of Philately Spain 2006
The world of philately comes to Malaga next weekend, from 7 to 13 October.  There will be an exhibition of 250,000 stamps from 73 countries, 801 collections and 550 in competitions.  The exhibition will be in marques in the Plaza de la Constitucion, in the Marina, on the esplanade of the Port, in front of El Corte Ingles, Calle Larios and Alcazabilla.
First Aerial Whale Watch in Andalucia
For the first time, an aerial census of cetaceans off the coast of Andalucía has been carried out by the Environment Department Regional Government.  It has revealed the presence of large species such as the Sperm Whale, a large number of small dolphins and even some Ziphius whales, a species which is generally difficult to observe.
This first census was carried out in June and registered 65 sightings from the air off the coast between the Strait and the coast of Almeria.  The authorities now plan to extend the survey area to the coast at Huelva.  The flights will complement the data from the Malaga based Centre for the Recovery of Threatened Marine Species, CREMA.
Water Supplies Could Be Cut in Andalucia
Water restrictions may be introduced throughout Andalucia by December if sufficient rain does not fall, officials announced last week. Environmental executive Fuensanta Coves, of the Andalusian regional government, said unless an average of 300mm of rain had fallen the supplies would have to be cut.  She said any restrictions would hit farmers as only 10 to 12% of water was used for human consumption.
Coves, who made her announcement in Cordoba, said after two years of drought, the emergency measures would have to be adopted.  She said the region would still be able to guarantee water for human consumption, but emergency plans were being drawn up if agriculture was affected by the continued lack of rainfall.
New Baby Expected for Spanish Royal Family
It has been announced this week that the Prince and Princess of Asturias are expecting their second child next May.  The official confirmation was released last Monday afternoon and said that the birth is expected at the beginning of May.
The royal couple's first child, Princess Leonor, has just had her first birthday. She is the King and Queen’s seventh grandchild, and is currently second in line to the throne after her father. A baby brother would put her back into third place under the current terms of the Spanish Constitution.
Spain Over 65
A new Eurostat report predicts that Spain will have more people over 65 than any other country in Europe by the year 2050.  The report says that 36% of the Spanish population at that time will be over 65 to the EU average of 30% and 27% in the U.K.
New Anti-Speeding Campaign Begins in Spain
The Spanish traffic authorities have announced that they are to double the number of speed traps between 2 and 15 October.  The campaign will be particularly focused on single carriageway roads with 1,900 sections being watched across the country, with the exception of Cataluna and the Basque Country who will run their own operations.   These measures will be boosted by a corresponding campaign in the Spanish media.  The traffic authority says that respecting speed limits would save nearly 1,000 deaths on Spain's roads each year.
Volver to Represent Spain at the Oscars
Pedro Almodovar's film Volver will be the Spanish representative at the Oscars this year. The five nominations for Best Foreign Language Film will be announced on 23 January.  Volver beat off challenges from the other short-listed Spanish films Alatriste and Salvador in the second round of voting in the Spanish Film Academy this week.
300 Million Year Old Scorpion Fossil Found
Spanish palaeontologists announced that a fossil of a scorpion found at a dig in a mine at Villablino near Leon is the oldest ever found on the Iberian Penisula, some 300 million years old. The scorpion fossil is well preserved because it appears the animal died the instant it was buried, without oxygen, preventing bacterial activity. Investigations by experts from Yale and the Complutense university in Madrid are continuing.
Anchovies Die in Mass Beaching in Spain
Millions of anchovies, a protected species in Europe, have died in northern Spain after an unexplained mass beaching, according to reports this week.  The fish, all juveniles, were found stranded on Colunga beach, 35 miles east of Gijon in the province of Asturias.  More than three tons have been found so far, and the main, untested, hypothesis is that they tried to flee from predators and accidentally beached.
A European Union moratorium on fishing anchovies along the northern Atlantic coast of Spain and the western coast of France has been in place for two months. Less rigorous fishing restrictions had been used for the previous two years.  These anchovies are considered susceptible to extinction and are therefore closely monitored by scientists, according to Spain's Environment Ministry.
Madrid's Complutense University Joins Google Free Book Program
Google has announced that its virtual collection of out-of-copyright books available online would grow to include literary works kept in Spain's largest university library. The library of the Complutense University of Madrid has become the first Spanish-language collection added to the Google Books project.
Out-of-copyright books previously only available to people with access to Madrid's Complutense University Library will now be accessible to everyone with an Internet connection, wherever they live.
The library's collection boasts early editions of Spanish and Latin American authors including Miguel de Cervantes, Francisco de Quevedo, Pedro Calderon de la Barca, Sor Juana Inez de la Cruz, and Garcilaso de la Vega.
Google and the Madrid university would work together to digitalize the university's hundreds of thousands of public domain works and make the full texts available online, they said in a joint statement.
Sporting Gijon 1 - Malaga 3
Malaga were behind in the first half but came back with a flourish after half time and scored three very good goals.
Malaga’s next game is on Saturday 30 September against Las Palmas.  Kick off is at 6.30 pm at La Rosaleda. Malaga have drawn Almeria in the next round of the King’s Cup which will be played in the new Mediterraneo Stadium in Almeria.
Chinese Grand Prix
The Grand Prix takes place tomorrow in Shanghai.  Qualifying took place in very heavy rain but Fernando Alonso secured pole position. Ferraris struggled in 13th and 14th place (Felipe Massa and Michael Schumacher).
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