Volume 81

Cristina Sanchez
For Saturday, 14 October 2006 - No. 100
1Casa Topical Digest of News and Views from the Andalucia Area in Spain
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Sign Language
One of our readers is enquiring about opportunities for a sign language teacher in Spain. She has an NVQ Level 3 qualification in British Sign Language which is the next level down from Interpreter and also has experience working as a classroom assistant in a school unit. Can anyone help with any information?
Motorcyclists Beat the Sleeping Policemen
The traffic calming speed bumps installed in Alora, particularly on the Trabanca hill are only effective against cars as motorcyclists are avoiding the bumps by going round the gaps between the bumps and the pavement. This is a risk to both the motorcyclist and the pedestrian as the motorcyclist could either hit the kerb or possibly a pedestrian.
Violin and Piano Concert
A violin and piano concert featuring Paula Coronas (piano) and Sabina María Coleasa (Violin) will take place tonight, Saturday 14 October, at 9.00 pm at the Theatre Cervantes, Alora. Price: 6 Euros.
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Flamenco Night
There is a Flamenco night tonight at the Peña de Flamenco, Alora from 10.00 pm.
Protecting Andalucia's Flora
A new project is to be set up at Antequera to protect Andalucian plant life. Work will begin at the end of the year on La Alhajuela, a 20-hectare site where seeds will be collected and preserved to ensure the survival of species threatened with extinction. The centre, five kilometres from the town centre, has a 21.5 million-euro budget from the regional government and will employ the latest conservation technology.
Spain Gets Final EU Warning to Protect Iberian Lynx from Road Danger
Spain received a final warning from the European Commission yesterday (Friday 13) before possible court action over a road plan that threatens the endangered Iberian lynx and for not halting the illegal hunting of wild birds. The Commission repeated its warning that a road project would hurt the habitat of the lynx in the area of the Donana national park, in Andalucia. An EU official said that the road needed adequate fencing or other protection to ensure the rare wild cats were not exposed to the danger of being run over by vehicles.
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Briton Arrested for Forest Fire in Almogía
A British man is one of two foreigners arrested by the Civil Guard and charged with causing a forest fire which destroyed 3.7 hectares of land in Almogía earlier this month. The other man arrested is from Holland. Investigators discovered that the fire was started by a barbecue the two men lit on 4 October. The men were in contravention of a regional government order that includes a ban on barbecues. The restriction period began on 15 June and does not end until 15 October. These arrests bring the number of people arrested in Malaga province this year in relation to forest fires up to 46.
Cordoba-Malaga AVE Link Planned to Open December 2007
The Development Ministry has announced that they expect the high speed railway line to Malaga to be in service by the end of next year. Secretary of State for Infrastructure, Victor Morlan, said last week that the Cordoba-Malaga line should be in service at that time, with the Cordoba-Antequera link due to open before the end of 2006.
Al Gore Attends Conference in Malaga
The ex Vice President of the United States, Al Gore was in Malaga last Tuesday for a conference on global warming. Organised by the Society for Knowledge and Democracy, ENCODE, the event also saw the presence of ex Spanish Prime Minister, Felipe González and, by video link, to the ex Russian President Mikhail Gorbachev.
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Thief Injured in Cathedral Robbery
A 20 year old thief was injured last week when trying to break into Malaga Cathedral in the early hours of the morning. He fell 12 metres and injured himself as he tried to climb over the railings round the San Rafael altar. His accomplice advised the ambulance service who arrived and found the injured man unconscious and seriously injured. He was taken to the Carlos Haya hospital where he is now recovering.
Beach Regeneration in Malaga
The Coastal Authority has announced that they are to carry out beach regeneration work on the two beaches at the Baños del Carmen to the east of Malaga city. Two new breakwaters will mark out an 800 metre wide beach where 90,000 cubic metres of new sand is to be placed. The
plan has been drawn up in conjunction with the Ayuntamiento of Malaga and will also include gardens, a salt water lake and a new promenade.
Andalucia Hotel Bookings Increase
Hotels across Andalucia are registering an increase in bookings this October. Numbers indicate a 4.1% increase in overnight stays compared to this month last year and experts believe the increase will continue into November with an even higher increase at 4.5%. The numbers are compiled by the Tourism, Trade and Sports Council of the Junta de Andalucía.
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Malaga Doctors to get Extra Training on Dealing with Immigrants
The Andalucian Health Service has announced that it is to oblige doctors in Malaga province to receive better training on how to deal with immigrant patients. The presence of immigrants in local health centres is increasing, and has been supported locally by volunteers from the non-governmental organization Medicos del Mundo. From next year medical staff will have to undergo extra training and with at least 250 from health centres in Malaga and Rincon de la Victoria expected to do so in the first year. The project will be extended to Ronda, Antequera and the Guadalhorce valley, and is for now unique in Andalucia.
Andalucia's Children Are Among the Most Sedentary in Spain
Only 40% of young people in Andalucia burn the minimum calories an hour advised by experts. They do not play in the fresh air or walk to school enough. The phrase "go out to play" is going to have to return to the vocabulary of Andalucian parents if they do not want that their children to be overweight and lead a sedentary lifestyle.
According to a study by the Foundation for Nutritional Investigation published that the children of Andalucia take less physical exercise during the day Experts recommend a minimum of 60 minutes exercise, such as playing outside, walking to school and taking the stairs instead of the lift. Nevertheless, only the 40% of the kids in the region between the ages 6 and 18 comply with the hour of physical activity advised. Only the children of the Canary Islands are less sedentary than Andalucians, while in the central zone (Madrid, the Castillas and Extremadura) more than 60% comply with the recommendation. What coincided in all the regions is that the women exercised less than the men and that with age the habit of activity lessens.
Sevilla's Cathedral Celebrates 500th Anniversary
Sevilla Cathedral celebrated its 500 anniversary last week. On the 10 October 1506 the third Duke of Medina Sidonia and the Marques of Tarifa climbed to the highest part of the building with the Dean to place ‘la piedra postrera’ considered to be the stone which completed the building after some 70 years of building work.
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Iberia to Begin Gibraltar Flights
It was announced at a Campo de Gibraltar Chamber of Commerce meeting last week that Iberia will start flying to Gibraltar at the end of the year. There will be a daily flight from Madrid to Gibraltar at 7.30 am and another from Gibraltar to Madrid leaving at 9.30 am. Afternoon flights on the same route will also operate but the times have not yet been confirmed. There are also plans to link Gibraltar with Barcelona via the low cost airline Clickair.
Director of Google Spain Hails YouTube Buy Out a Success
The director of Google Spain and Extremadura, Isabel Aguilera, considered Google's acquisition of YouTube "a great success and an excellent news" for the internet user.
The Prince of Asturias May Reveal Whether New Baby is a Boy or a Girl
Prince Felipe, heir to the Spanish throne, has announced that he may announce whether his second child is a girl or a boy during the pregnancy but only if it is opportune to do so. He said he would make the statement so that the authorities could decide what measures to take in the future.
The Government and the Royal Family have both indicated that they want to see the Spanish Constitution changed on succession. As the law stands now, if the new baby is a boy, he will take precedence over his sister Leonor in line to the throne.
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Gehry Triumphs Once More
This new building is reminiscent of the Bilbao Guggenheim Museum but this time a little smaller, it houses an exclusive hotel with fourteen rooms managed by the North-American chain Starwood Hotels & Resort. The new building will be officially inaugurated by the King and Queen of Spain Juan Carlos and Sofia and the Basque premier Juan José Ibarretxe. The "City of Wine" is named after the Marques de Riscal wine cellars that are located in the town of Elciego, in the Basque southern province of Alava.
The building reflects the colours of wine, the 2,000 square metres of surface are covered with titanium and stainless steel the panels have the pinkish tone of red wine, the silver tone of the bottle and the golden tone of the string bag that covers Marques de Riscal bottles.
The U.S. architect recalled the time when he was asked to design the wine cellars, he said that, at the beginning he rejected the offer because Los Angeles and Spain are too far away. However, he was convinced once he visited the wine cellars, to be more precise, a place called "the cathedral" which houses the 1862 vintage wine. He was offered a glass of 1929 vintage wine, the year when the architect was born. "After a few glasses of wine, I accepted,” said Gehry in a funny way.
The new building will co-exist with the property built on 1860 by the diplomat Camilo Hurtado de Amezaga, Riscal Marquess, in the style of the wine cellars of the French city of Bordeaux.
3.5 Billion Bocadillos Eaten in Spanish Homes
The Spanish eat 3.544 billion bocadillos (rolls) prepared at home each year. The figure comes from a study carried out by TNS Worldpanel on different food habits, which compiles figures on everything we eat and drink in the home.
Ciudad Murcia 2 - Malaga 0
With a dismal display Malaga lost to nine-man Murcia last weekend after beating them a couple of weeks ago in the King’s Cup. Malaga’s game this weekend is against Poli Ejido at La Rosaleda. Kick-off is on Saturday 14 October at 6.30 pm.
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Golfers Attempt Long-drive Record
Spain's Gonzalo Fernandez-Castano and Emanuele Canonica of Italy will attempt to break the world driving-distance record of 808m ahead of next week's Mallorca Classic. Briton Paul Slater, the record holder, will also be present when the South runway of the Son Sant Joan airport in Palma is closed for two hours on Tuesday. Slater set the record in April on the runway of an old airport in Wroughton, England, surpassing his previous mark of 658.3m.
Fernandez-Castano, Canonica, Ricardo Gonzalez of Argentina and Slater tried to beat the previous record in Palma last October with Fernandez-Castano closest with a drive of 516m. Canonica is one of the biggest hitters on the European Tour and was the leader of the driving distance statistics in 1998, 1999, 2000 and 2002.
Henman Earns Wildcard to Masters Series in Madrid
Tim Henman has been rewarded for his improved form with a wildcard into next week's Masters Series tournament in Madrid. Henman reached the final of the Japan Open last week, where he lost to world number one Roger Federer. He will be appearing in the Spanish event for the fourth time. Spain's Carlos Moya is another wildcard and two others will be decided by a poll of readers of Spanish sports paper Marca.
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