Volume 82

Cristina Sanchez
For Saturday, 21 October 2006 - No. 101
1Casa Topical Digest of News and Views from the Andalucia Area in Spain
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Alora, Coin and Pizarra to be Included in the Metropolitan Area of Malaga
The Junta de Andalucia intends to expand the Territorial Plan of the Metropolitan Area of Malaga (POT) to include the municipalities of Alora, Coin and Pizarra.  This measure, communicated to the Ayuntamientos, has not been well received by the towns or Malaga and has been opposed by the towns' mayor's.
Sewage Treatment Works Out to Tender
Coin, Alora and Pizarra are closer to a water purifying plant.  The Junta de Andalucia has put out to tender the works for the provision of a sewage treatment plant in the lower Guadalhorce Valley, that will consist of the construction of two collectors that will connect with a new predicted water-treatment facility situated at the junction of the Rio Grande and the Guadalhorce river (in the municipality of Pizarra).
Crash Helmet Campaign
For the second year running, the Town Hall has organised a campaign to encourage young people to wear crash helmets. There have been events all week to highlight the importance of wearing a crash helmet to avoid accidents and next Friday 27 October, there will be specially organised parties in the Doctor Jose Gonzalez Espino Park. At both parties there will be helmet decoration workshops, karaoke, raffles, live music and a bar serving non-alcoholic cocktails.
Train Breaks Down in El Chorro Tunnel
Malaga train system was paralyzed for five hours last Thursday due to a train breaking down in one of the tunnels that crosses El Chorro Gorge.  The problem started around 8.30 am, when one of the passengers on the train noticed smoke in one of the carriages of the Seville bound train.  Eighty people on train had to walk through the tunnel for almost an hour as the tunnel is nearly 5 kilometres long.  The only light in the tunnel was that coming from the screens of the passengers' mobile phones. A RENFE spokesman said there were no injuries and the origin of the smoke was being investigated.  Meanwhile there was another rail incident locally with the derailment of a goods train in Gaucin.
Running Water Returns to Valle de Abdalajis
After more than year and a half, the residents of Valle of Abdalajis have running water again.  The mayor of town, Tomas Gomez, announced this week that the new well, authorized by the ADIF (Administrator of Railway Infrastructures), was now in operation.  The new well was necessary after the aquifer was damaged by the tunnel works for the new AVE high speed train.  Until this week, the water has been supplied by water tankers.  The new well is situated in the La Sierrecilla area and has enough volume to supply all the population. The mayor explained that the well functioned to full capacity, "In half an hour 40,000 litres have been used".  To take advantage of the water, ADIF has had to install a water pump and a system of purification and filtering.  A second well has also been built but for the time being, will not be used and will remain a reserve.
Water Levels Continue to Fall in Malaga
Reservoirs in Malaga province are down to 27% capacity having lost another three cubic hectometers of the past week. According to data released by the Environment Department of the Regional Government, there are now only 163.9 cubic hectometers stored. The level is 1.5% lower than that seen at this time a year ago.  Most water continues to be held in La Vinuela with just over 80 cubic hectometers followed by La Concepcion which has 36.5.
University of Granada to Take Part in ESA Study
The University of Granada is to take part in a study for the ESA (European Space Agency) to discover the origins of the universe. The study wants to answer such questions as: What happened after the Big Bang? How did the universe originate? and When did life arise? The professor of Theoretical and Cosmos Physics, Eduardo Battaner, responsible for the participation of the University, explained that the objective of the project is to observe the Cosmos only 400,000 years after the Big Bang, a fact of enormous transcendence taking into account that, at present, it is 14,000 million years old.
Five Municipalities in Jaen Plan to Double Their Housing Census
Construction fever in Jaen province.  At least five villages in the province, four in surroundings of the capital and one at the gateway to Cazorla national park predict doubling the number of dwellings by taking advantage of the revision of urban plans. 
Andalucia Launches a Pioneering Tourist Information Service on the Internet
The province of Andalucia launched a pioneering new website yesterday (Friday 20 October).   The new website will unite all tourist, cultural and leisure information in Andalucia on the same site.  It will include heritage sites, hotels, restaurants, tourist routes, golf courses and natural parks. The visitor can browse this service through envivo.andalucia.org or through search engines and mobile connections.
Births Reach a Four Year High in Andalucia
During the first quarter of 2006, 23,742 births were recorded in Andalucia, 5,112 marriages, a 0.6% and a 4.4% increase respectively in the same period last year.  The number of deaths fell by 21.5%, according to the provisional data of the Statistics of the Natural Movement of the Population (MNP) that publishes the Institute of Statistics of Andalucia. 
Births increased by 0.6%, in comparison with the first quarter of 2005, and they reached the highest figure registered in the last four years.  Approximately one in four births was to an unmarried mother (26.4%).  By provinces, Cordoba, Jaen, and Seville had the lowest figure of unmarried mothers than the average for Andalucia (17.4%, 17.6% and 24.1%, respectively), while the remainder of the provinces shows higher figures: 32.9% Malaga, 31.4% Almeria, 30%, Cadiz, 28.6% Huelva and 26.8% Granada. 
Of the total of 5,112 marriages registered, 997 were unions in which one member of the partnership was a foreigner, 19.5% of the total, two percentage points more than the previous year (17.4%).  The marriages among people of the same gender rose to 172, representing 3.4% of the total marriages.  The unions among men constituted a higher percentage than those among women, 2.2% against 1.2%. 
The number of deaths fell by 21.5%, a percentage that itself is due to its comparison with the same quarter of the previous year, which registered exceptionally high figures.  If compared with the first months of year prior to 2005, the figure only slightly lower.  It is observed that a greater number of men in all the ages died except in the last period, in which more women than men passed away, due mainly to the greater longevity of women.
Construction in Andalucía Recovers and Grows 23% Compared to 2005
The latest figures confirm that the construction sector has gone through a stage of recuperation after the recession of 2005.  The figures show that the number of dwellings approved by the Official College of Architects in Malaga has risen to 39,617, an increase of 23% on last year. 
In Malaga city there has been a 46% increase in projected construction, with a 30% increase on the western Costa and a 25% increase on the eastern Costa.  The projected development for the interior of Malaga province shows a decrease of 0.7% although the trend in some municipalities shows a sharp increase, for example Álora at 89%, Cartama 40%, Coin 33%, Alhaurin el Grande 31% and Pizarra 30%.
Environment Department Sets Aside 7.2 Million Euros for Emergency Works Against the Drought in Six Provinces
The Environment Minister, Fuensanta Coves, has informed the Government of the emergency works developed by her department to ensure the resources of drinking water in Málaga city, Mancha Real (Jaen), Prado del Rey (Caádiz), la Sierra Norte de Sevilla and Laroles (Granada), as well as to repair the damage caused by the strong rains of last spring in the Almerian municipality of Pulpi.  These interventions, in the charge of the Agencia Andaluza del Agua, will mean an investment of 7.2 million Euros.
Malaga. Budget 2.79m euros, refurbish pipeline from Vinuela, strengthen landslide protection.
Mancha Real. Budget 1.7m euros. New borehole to yield enough to augment supply of 3000cu.m daily summer need, including 1200 cu.m reservoir and 3.5km pipeline.
Prada del Rey (Cadiz). Budget 909,000 euros. New borehole to help satisfy 2300 cu.m daily summer need.
Sierra Norte (Sevilla). Budget 169,000 euros. Emergency actions to guarantee supply for various villages total pop. 25,000. New boreholes and repair of sewage treatment plant.
Laroles (Nevada). Budget 238,000 euros. New reservoir.
Pulpi (Almeria) Budget 1.38m euros.  Repair of flood defence near eastern irrigation areas and refurbishment of rainwater collectors along A610 and railway.
Junta de Andalucia to Invest 2,76 Million Euros in Eight Sports Centres in Jaen Province
The Department of Tourism, Commerce and Sport will invest 2.76 million Euros in the improvement of the network of sports infrastructures in eight municipalities in the province of Jaen.  This amount will be used to install Astroturf football pitches in Alcaudete, Arjona, Cazorla, Huelma, Peal de Becerro, Porcuna and Santisteban del Puerto as well as basketball courts in Martos.
The plan, which is included in the Activa Jaen, will involve an investment of 3.3 million Euros and will benefit a population of 188,841 inhabitants.  This will aid the improvement the sporting infrastructure and include the national and international management of events in more than 30 municipalities of the province of Jaen during the 3 year period 2006-2008.  This collaboration will see the construction and adaptation of six covered buildings with twelve Astroturf pitches, an athletics track in Jódar, an indoor Olympic swimming pool in Jaen, or they will carry out improvements on the grass hockey pitch in Alcala la Real and in the Giribaile lake for the triathlon.
Plan for Tunnel to Morocco Reactivated
Spain and Morocco have reactivated the idea of building a tunnel between Spain and Morocco. The cost of the tunnel would be at least 5 billion Euros and if there is political agreement on both sides, it could be in operation in 2025. One of the first design problems is trying to estimate the traffic demands by that date.
Swiss tunnel engineer Giovanni Lombardi has been called in by the governments of both countries to draw up a project. His report will be based on recent detailed studies of the geological patterns under the strait.
1 New Illegal Building Every Hour!
The civil guard said 12,832 illegal buildings have been uncovered across Spain in just over 18 months.  The worst areas were Tenerife, Malaga and Murcia – which are all popular with expats.  This meant on average 24 illegal buildings went up every day.  They included homes built in the middle of roads, villas constructed in natural parks and wells opened up illegally to get the water.  The civil guard's nature protection service said they had arrested 239 people in connection with the illegal building between January 2005 and June this year.  Other areas where illegal building was rife were Gran Canaria, Granada, Caceres and La Coruna.
Spanish Stock Market Celebrates 175 Years
The Spanish Stock Market, celebrated its 175th birthday, yesterday (Friday 20 October). It opened at noon on 20 October 1831. The market has only closed once since that time, between 1936 and 1940 due to the Spanish Civil War.
Movistar Mobile Plan
A new mobile phone call plan has been launched by Movistar.  Customers will not be charged for receiving calls when they are in a foreign country. The plan has been made possible with O2 and will be offered at a monthly charge of 10 Euros.
81% of Spaniards Support Monarchy Constitution Amendment
Eighty one percent of adults in Spain think a woman should be allowed to ascend the throne.  The respondents believe the constitution should be amended to allow a woman to become the monarch.
In 1975, Juan Carlos I became Spain's king following the death of dictator Francisco Franco. In 2005, Princess Leonor, the first child of Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia, was born in Spain. The current constitution stipulates that Leonor should relinquish her claim to the throne should a male be born.  The position of Felipe as the current heir to Juan Carlos I is due to the law as he has two elder sisters.
Last year, a document presented by the president José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero said the present succession rules are "tantamount to the continuation of a type of discrimination against women (royals)." The current administration has suggested that any constitutional changes be enacted in a way that does not affect Felipe’s current position as heir. Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia are expecting their second child.
Art Collector Damages Picasso Painting with his Elbow
Las Vegas casino magnate and millionaire art collector, Steve Wynn, has had to call off a multi-million sale of a Picasso painting after he accidentally stuck his elbow through the canvas. The accident happened two weeks ago when Las Vegas casino magnate Steve Wynn was showing off the painting to friends after completing a deal to sell "Le Reve" (The Dream) to another collector.
Director and screenwriter, Nora Ephron, who witnessed the incident and related in her blog said Wynn had raised his hand to show the group something about Picasso's 1932 portrait of his mistress Marie-Therese Walter. "At that moment, his elbow crashed backward right through the canvas. There was a terrible noise," Ephron wrote, noting that Wynn has retinitis pigmentosa, an eye disease that damages peripheral vision.
The magnate decided to release his buyer from the 139 million dollar deal. He bought the painting in 1997 for 48.4 million.
Queen Sofia of Spain Receives UN Agriculture Award for Aid Ending Hunger
The United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organization has awarded the Ceres Medal to Queen Sofia of Spain in recognition of her efforts to raise the living standards of rural women in developing countries. The Ceres Medal, named after the Roman goddess of agriculture, is awarded to distinguished women who have made an outstanding contribution to agricultural development and food security. Previous recipients include Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, Panamanian President Mireya Moscoso and Mother Teresa of Calcutta, who fought destitution.
Antonio Banderas Award to Prize in a Latino Film Festival
The Malaga born actor, Antonio Banderas, has been honoured in a Latino Festival held in Los Angeles. Banderas was awarded with the Gabi Prize, the top award in the festival for his film career so far.
This year the Los Angeles festival featured Spanish films in particular and had a week of Andalucian Cinema showing several films from the region.
Malaga 1 - Poli Ejido 1
Malaga was held to a 1-1 draw by Poli Ejido. Visiting coach Antonio Tapia returned to the Rosaleda stadium to see his side go ahead after a penalty but Cesar Navas saved a point with a late headed goal from Calleja's free kick, and Ernesto could have won it had a defender not blocked his last minute strike.
This Sunday Malaga play division leaders Xerez, kick off at 12 noon. Wednesday 25 October they play Real Sociedad in the King’s Cup at la Rosaleda - kick off time to be confirmed.
Brazilian Grand Prix - Sao Paulo
Ferrari's Michael Schumacher outpaced Formula One rival Fernando Alonso in the second practice session for Sunday's Grand Prix. Schumacher was sixth fastest with a time of one minute 13.713 seconds with Alonso in 10th, 0.107 seconds behind.
Ferrari believe Michael Schumacher will not experience any trouble with his car's engine at the title-deciding Brazilian Grand Prix on Sunday.
Alonso only needs a point to win the world championship for the second time.  For Schumacher to clinch an eighth crown he needs to win the race and for Alonso to finish outside the points.
Nadal Beaten in Madrid Masters Quarter Finals
Tomas Berdych defeated defending champion Rafael Nadal 6-3, 7-6 (8/6) in the quarter-finals of the Championships.  This defeat derailed organisers' dream of an all-star final between Nadal and Roger Federer.
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