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Cristina Sanchez
Saturday, 16 December 2006 - No. 109
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Zapatero to Open Antequera AVE High Speed Train Link
Spain's Prime Minister, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, will officially open the new AVE high speed train link between Cordoba and Antequera today, Saturday 16th December.  The new link will reduce journey time from Malaga to Madrid to 3 hours 50 minutes with services starting tomorrow. Six trains a day will make the journey.  The AVE will be extended to Malaga City by the end of next year when journey times will be reduced to just two and a quarter hours.
Defence of the Cercanias
Today, Saturday 16th December, various political and environmental groups are planning to stage an alternative event to coincide with the official inauguration of the Santa Ana station near Antequera, which the Spanish premier is to attend. The intention of the event is to encourage the extension of the Cercania line to Bobadilla and Antequera.  It is one of many events planned with this aim in mind.
Clickair will add 50 pilots and 120 air crew to its workforce by March, when it will start operating with ten planes (it has four at present) and will initiate new routes.  Shareholders will inject 120 million Euros in the next 18 months to carry out the airline's plans, which intend that by 2008 it will operate 30 planes over 70 routes in 55 cities.
Spanish Flights to Gibraltar Resume Today
A direct flight from Madrid to Gibraltar will today, Saturday 16th December, be the first to arrive at the British outpost from Spain since 1987. An Iberia Airlines Airbus A319 carrying Spanish government officials, municipal authorities, journalists and 50 other passengers, was due to land around 1.00 pm.  Taking off at about the same time in the other direction, a GB Airways flight was due to arrive in Madrid about 2.00 pm.
Three Die after Aircraft Crashes Near Jerez Airport
Three men died and a fourth was seriously injured after a light aircraft crashed as it was coming into land on Friday at about 1.30 pm. The plane from Segovia, north west of Madrid, was about a kilometre from the airport when it got into difficulties and plunged to the ground, said authorities. The plane crashed onto a road and was completely destroyed. 
29 Jaen Municipalities Lost Power Due to a Fallen Cable
A cut in a high-tension cable yesterday, Friday 15th December, caused a blackout in 29 municipalities in the province of Jaen, including parts of the capital.  The electric company Sevillian Endesa clarified that the loss of supply was due to the fall of a cable on the Andujar-Martos line.
Massive Police Operation Against Italian Mafia in Spain
Spanish police have led a Europe wide operation against the Italian Mafia which has netted 90 suspects, 29 suspects were detained across Spain itself in an operation which involved French, Italian and German police, there have been 40 arrests in Italy, 20 in France and one in Germany. The gang was said to have links between the Italian Camorra, based in Naples, and organised criminals from Spain, Colombia, France and Bulgaria, they were all trafficking cocaine and cannabis through Italy.
Spain Takes Action to Improve Quality of Life for the Elderly
The plan is a response to the increasing longevity of the Spanish, those aged 65 years and older have increased to more than 7 million compared with 5.7 million 10 years ago; there are 5700 people aged 100 or older; and octogenarians are expected to be 10% of the population by 2050. Yet the country's expenditure for social protection for the elderly, at 8.2% of its gross national product, is among the lowest in the EU. Central to the plan is the detection and eradication of violence against older people both at home and in nursing homes. To achieve this goal, the government intends to define violence against the elderly as a legal entity distinct from violence against women and children. Protocols to identify such violence in health centres and nursing homes will be implemented, especially to "avoid the systematic application of physical subjection measures and an abusive administration of tranquilliser drugs", the plan states. Measures will also be put in place to deal with people who continue to perpetuate violent offences.
Year End Festivities Food Bill
Spending on food in Spain increases by 30% over the festive period to reach 138 Euros per person.  For Christmas and New Year, Spanish families will spend just under 6 billion Euros on food. Research shows that half of consumers buy items ahead of the festivities in order to freeze them.  Jamon, Turrones and shell fish top the list of luxury festive food.
Tony King 'Guilty, but did not act alone'
Last Wednesday, 13th December, a jury in Malaga convicted Tony King of the murder of Rocio Waninkhof however a majority of the jury added that they did not think he acted alone. . King is already serving a 36-year sentence in a Spanish jail for the 2003 rape and murder of Sonia Carabantes and a further seven for the attempted rape of a young girl in Benalmadena in 2001.
Juan Carlos Martinez Acquitted of Drink Drive Charge
Spain's Constitutional Court has acquitted a man who drove a car with 2.3 milligrammes of alcohol in his blood, 1.8 milligrammes above the legal limit, press reports said Friday.  The tribunal also overturned a fine of 720 Euros and an 18-month driving ban handed to Juan Carlos Martinez by a Madrid court. Martinez could not be penalised until it was proven that the alcohol he had taken had affected his driving ability, the court said. Martinez took an alcohol test in a routine police check in 2002, traffic police chief Pere Navarro said the new court ruling left him ""speechless"" in the country with one of Western Europe's highest rates of traffic accidents, the legal alcohol limit in Spain is 0.5 milligrammes per litre of blood.
Breathalyser Controls in Malaga
The DGT traffic authority has said it will be carrying out 10,000 breathalyzer controls in Malaga province between now and Christmas Eve, and in particular, they will be targeting company Christmas lunches and dinners.  The number of controls is 2,000 higher than last year, when nearly 200 drivers were fined.  This year drivers have the additional penalty of a loss of points on their licence.
Double Hand Transplant Carried Out in Spain for First Time
Spain’s first double hand transplant and the first in the world on a woman has been carried out at the Hospital La Fe in Valencia in a 10 hour operation. The patient is a 47 year old woman who lost both her hands 28 years ago during a chemistry experiment. The operation was carried out by a reconstructive surgery team from the Pedro Cavadas Foundation, and is considered a success.
Millions of Euros Found in House Gran Canaria
Three bags full of Euro notes, found in a flat in Gran Canaria, have been claimed by the flat's owner. Police and the fire service were called to a blaze in the flat in Siete Palmas earlier this week by a phone call in the early hours of the morning.  When they arrived on the scene they found no fire, but the door had been broken down and inside were the three bags full of the cash, thought to be about a million Euros but which later reports suggested was nearer 9 million.  Later in the week a man went to the main Las Palmas de Gran Canaria police station saying that the money recovered from the flat was his, and represented his winnings from playing cards. He said the amount of cash was approximately 3 million Euros.  Other reports now say the man, the property owner, is to be questioned about the origin of such a large amount.
Spain's Comic Hero Celebrates 50 Years
Comic book hero Capitan Trueno (Captain Thunder) is celebrating 50 years existence and a special numbered and limited edition of the comic has been published in celebration.  The event is considered to be of such importance that the Minister for Justice, Fernando Lopez Aguilar, has written the prologue for the new edition.
Flamenco Night, Alora
The Peña Flamenca de Alora will be holding a Christmas performance in the Casa de Cultura next Friday 22 December starting at 10.00 pm.  Ticket prices 4 or 6 Euros.
Christmas Fair
There will be a Christmas Fair at Art Estacion, Alora Estacion on Sunday 17th December between 2.00 pm and 6.00 pm.  There will be stalls, food and mulled wine available.
Theatre Cervantes Alora Film Shows
Enjoy some of the best movies this Christmas for only one Euro!  The Area of Culture has organized for a number of films to be show over the Christmas period including 'Monster House',' Superman', 'Cars' and several others.
An Aparthotel with 60 Places Opened in Ardales
A new aparthotel (category three keys) has opened in Ardales.  The complex opened in October and is made up of 17 apartments including 12 duplex.  The project has increased the amount of tourist accommodation in the area, which has been lacking.
New Shopping Mall in Estacion de Cartama
Officials in Cartama have announced plans for the creation of a 2,000 square metre shopping mall on the ground level above an underground garage that is to be built next to the health centre in Estacion de Cartama. The building will also include a second floor with office premises and car parking. The construction contract for the project has been put out to tender.
IKEA Looks to Open Second Store in Marbella
With IKEA planning to open their first store in Malaga in October next year, comes the announcement that the company is already looking for land to open a second store in Marbella. Ikea Iberia Director of Expansion, Jaime Garcia-Alegria, said the Malaga store construction is now underway, and it will be the company’s 11th store in Spain.
Malaga Province Online
The 100 municipalities which make up Malaga province have now all got their own webpage. Last week, the Provincial Government presented the web pages of the last 35 villages of less than 5,000 inhabitants to get their presence online.  It places Malaga in third place across Spain for the provinces with most localities online behind Barcelona and Cadiz.
Volver Named as Candidate for Golden Globes
Pedro Almodover's latest film, Volver, has been named as a candidate as Best Foreign Film in the Golden Globes along with Penelope Cruz as a candidate for the Best Actress.  The Golden Globes will be held in the US on 15 January 2007.
Asturian Wins the Jaen de Novela 2006
The biologist and Asturian analyst David Lopez has published the winning work of the Prize Jaen Novel 2006 titled 'The crime of The Monegros', a work of suspense set in the last years of the pro-franco dictatorship. 
Vecindario 1 - 1 Malaga
Malaga came away from bottom club Vecindario with a point after drawing 1-1. Malaga's next game is against Tenerife tonight, Saturday 16th December, kick off 6.30 pm.
F1 World champion Alonso Makes Surprise Test Debut in Spain
Double world champion Fernando Alonso made a surprise test debut for McLaren yesterday, turning up at the Jerez circuit in southern Spain for the final session of the year. The 25-year-old Spaniard, who was testing in un-branded overalls, remains under contract to Formula One champions Renault until the end of the year and had not been expected to start testing with his new team until January.  Although McLaren had sought an early release, Renault team boss Flavio Briatore had been quoted earlier in the week suggesting Alonso should enjoy the break.  I hope Fernando has a nice Christmas and a relaxing winter, because we are going to beat him in the Spring, he told the Gazzetta dello Sport.
On Christmas Day, all JAJAH users will be able to make FREE phone calls , FREE conference calls , FREE scheduled calls, or send FREE Texts to anyone in 80 countries and it doesn't even matter if the call recipient is registered at JAJAH or not. This is our way of saying 'Thank you' to our customers, said co-founder Roman Scharf. Each holiday season, many people all over the globe are separated. Our message to them is 'call home at Christmas,' wherever 'home' happens to be. The call will be on us. Have your landline phone-to-phone calls with your friends and family at zero costs. Go to http://301url.com/59a, register your number(s) and start saving money! No special equipment needed, cheaper mobile calls too...
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